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University Announces New $100 Billion Profligacy Studies Program

Cincinnati, FL – Dissociated Press Ohio University of Miami announced yesterday that it has been awarded a 100 billion dollar grant from the US Department of Education to found a new program in Profligacy Studies. The grant will allow the university to hire at least 500 new, grossly overpaid Professors of Profligacy. The program expects to attract tens of thousands of students who will spend millions of dollars each in hopes of earning extravagantly worthless faux-sheepskin documents attesting to their mastery of the art and science of Profligacy. “I wish I could say that this program will be worth every…


Preston James on “Takedown of the American public school system”

Broadcast here July 12th, 11 to noon Eastern then archived. For less than a dollar a week you can subscribe…and listen to this show RIGHT NOW!  Preston James, Ph.D. is one of America’s most provocative and controversial commentators. A former intel insider (details remain classified), Preston writes about the bizarre netherworld where intelligence agencies, organized crime, secret societies, and extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional entities overlap. In his new article Take-down of the American Public School System and its Teachers Preston writes: The take-down of the American public school systems – how it is being done now. The American public school systems are being taken down one by one,…


Here’s How I Teach About 9/11

* * *  from the New York Times: How Do You Teach About  9/11? By KATHERINE SCHULTEN   Tyler Hicks/The New York Times Go to related Sept. 11, 2001, Times Topics page We need your help. Have you taught about Sept. 11 and its repercussions? Do you plan to address the 10th anniversary of the attacks this September? How? Does your school, district, state or country have a suggested curriculum? What questions, in general, does teaching this topic raise for you?… (full article at ) * * *Here is what I submitted to the New York Times: In 2005,…