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Gordon Duff on Lebanese protestors shot by snipers for exposing Israeli nuking of Beirut

Listen HERE Ex-intel-insider Gordon Duff of Veterans Today has garnered almost half a million reads for “The Beirut Nuclear Coverup as Protests Break Out, Oct. 2021 Over Lies.” And that’s just in English. His analysis of the Beirut blast has reached tens of millions in Arabic and Farsi. Duff writes: “The people of Lebanon were victimized, not once by a nuclear attack by Israel but by their own leaders and corrupt press.  They still aren’t taking it. Gunfire broke out in Beirut when snipers under the control of Saudi Arabia, using paid contractors trained by the US, attacked a Hezbollah led…


Nuclear rogue states Israel-France obstruct Iran deal

Talk about hypocrisy! The world’s worst nuclear rogue state (Israel) and a good candidate for runner-up (France) are blocking the P5+1 agreement in Geneva. Read the full article: