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False-flags, fake terror, tyranny, & Zionist lunacy: The real news this week

“C’mon, General, admit it – 9/11 was an inside job!” False-Flags & Fake Terror:  A 9/11 truth Super Bowl?! The sports blogosphere (and Press TV) asks: “Is Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll a 9/11 Truther?”   “Report: Pete Carroll May Be 9/11 Truther” “Pete Carroll seeks truth about 9/11 from four-star general”   “Pete Carroll, 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist.”  Last spring, Carroll grilled four-star general, Peter Chiarelli, who had just retired as the US Army’s Vice Chief of Staff –  about whether 9/11 was an inside job.  “Every 9/11 conspiracy theory you can think of, Pete asked about,” said Riki Ellison, an ex-football player…


Nuclear rogue states Israel-France obstruct Iran deal

Talk about hypocrisy! The world’s worst nuclear rogue state (Israel) and a good candidate for runner-up (France) are blocking the P5+1 agreement in Geneva. Read the full article: