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Nuclear rogue states Israel-France obstruct Iran deal

Talk about hypocrisy! The world’s worst nuclear rogue state (Israel) and a good candidate for runner-up (France) are blocking the P5+1 agreement in Geneva.

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5 Thoughts to “Nuclear rogue states Israel-France obstruct Iran deal”

  1. Anonymous

    Iran should demand that the parties first of all put aside their divisions, unite and make a reasonable proposal to end the Israel manufactured crisis. The whole world wants the 6 parties to agree and end their squabbling.

    Iran can offer one party banking rights, the other gets car sales agreements, another oil and drilling rights. Offers of trade should suffice to get them to drop illegal American sanctions killing Iranian children. We are sending medicines to Iran each month.

    Sanctions do not work. We saw what happened when American Jews forced America 80 years ago, in 1933, to impose lethal sanctions on democratic Germany. Hitler responded by imposing German sanctions on Jewish shops in Germany. Jews owned 90% of the stores in Germany and e retaliation hit them hard. But Hitler, as Chancellor, had a constitutional duty and a legal and political obligation to protect Germans from all enemies, domestic and foreign. Thus Germans were told to "Defend yourselves, don't buy from Jews" .

    Jewish imposed American sanctions on German banks and trade led to the second world war.

    If the talks fail, Iran must warn of Israel sending a missile at an American cruiser in the Persian Gulf and the Ziomedia blaming it on Iran.

    Our politicians watch in silence as America, Saudi Arabia and Israel commit war crimes and invade sovereign, defenceless nations. The Nuremberg precedent makes such complicit silence a war crime. No Senator spoke out as American phosphor bombs were rained down from Israeli F16s onto small children, sick and starving behind the barbed wire of the Gaza concentration camp. But the same America rushes to help following the Asian typhoon catastrophe. Such Janus- faced double- standards and hipocracy makes me physiologically feel like vomiting.

  2. Anonymous

    John Bolton pushes Israeli attack on Iran

    Has this war-mongerer learned nothing from Nuremberg? Who is he?

    Does he not know that hate speech is illegal?

    To say nothing of armed aggression against another nation.

    Does he know Hitler also attacked Poland, as he encourages a similar attack on Iran?

    How much are the Zionists paying Bolton to say such things while holding American public office? Could you ask him?

    Watch him get a seat on the board with Goldman Sachs or City Bank on his retirement – like Tony Blair – for services rendered to a foreign power while holding public office.

    Talk about selling your soul to the devil!

  3. He's another good argument for a Constitutional Counter-Coup under which patriotic forces in the military would arrest, try, convict, and execute traitors like him (including most of Congress, AIPAC, etc.)

  4. Anonymous

    Dual citizenship is prohibited for all Americans. Exception: Israeli citizenship. My nephew, a captain in the US army, had to give up his Swiss passport. But Israelis holding US Passports may keep their Israeli passports. Why does the American law treat citizens differently? Why are Israelis privileged, while discriminating against non- Israelis?

  5. I dunno. Because Jews are first-class citizens, and the goyim are second-class citizens? It works in Israel, so why not in the US? At least they haven't expelled us and forced us into concentration camps here…yet.

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