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False-flags, fake terror, tyranny, & Zionist lunacy: The real news this week

“C’mon, General, admit it – 9/11 was an inside job!” False-Flags & Fake Terror:  A 9/11 truth Super Bowl?! The sports blogosphere (and Press TV) asks: “Is Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll a 9/11 Truther?”   “Report: Pete Carroll May Be 9/11 Truther” “Pete Carroll seeks truth about 9/11 from four-star general”   “Pete Carroll, 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist.”  Last spring, Carroll grilled four-star general, Peter Chiarelli, who had just retired as the US Army’s Vice Chief of Staff –  about whether 9/11 was an inside job.  “Every 9/11 conspiracy theory you can think of, Pete asked about,” said Riki Ellison, an ex-football player…


DDWN: Sharon dead; Zionist power on life support?

Israel, Middle East 1) Ariel Sharon dead at 85 2) Iran nuclear deal completed  3) Israel, Pentagon big winners in new appropriations bill 4) Israeli defense minister calls Kerry “messianic”  5) Israeli citizen Stanley Fischer joining the FED  6) A new war in Lebanon shaping up? 7) al-Qaeda speed freaks tweaking in Syria – terrorist meth labs the next big threat? False-Flag 8) Cops busted for 9/11 fraud – Silverstein escapes prosecution  9) Ohio Man Arrested With Bombs and AR-15 Was Intel Analyst With Top Secret Clearance Tyranny 10) U.S. appeals court strikes down FCC net neutrality rules 11) How…