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Treasury Dept. Sanctions Diva Sigal Mandelker, Exposed as Israeli Mole, Resigns in Disgrace

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor When the FBI called me up to request an in-person interview—and to warn me I would be arrested if I attended a scholarly conference in Beirut—I told them the person they should be investigating was Sigal Mandelker, the suspected Israeli agent running the US Treasury Department’s sanctions program. Israeli-born dual citizen Mandelker was using her perch at Treasury to persecute loyal, patriotic Americans and deprive them of their rights of free speech and free association. Specifically, she had engineered a witch hunt against Iran-based NGO New Horizon, leading to that organization being spuriously designated…


J. Michael Springmann on Israel’s Trumped-up war on Iran; Hummux on “5G = glyphosate” and why fearlessness is key

Broadcast live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio then archived HERE First hour: J. Michael Springmann is an attorney and former State Department official whose bizarre experiences at his post in Saudi Arabia are recounted in Visas for al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts that Rocked the World. Along with former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, ex-Defense Department advisor Michael Maloof, and US Army anti-terror official Scott Bennett, Mike Springmann attended the spring 2018 New Horizon conference in Mashhad, Iran.  Following the conference, the Trump Administration’s Zionist-occupied Treasury Department slapped sanctions on the New Horizon NGO and has threatened that any American who attends…


New Horizon chair Nader Talebzadeh discusses neocon war on Iran…and America

Listen HERE Guest: Nader Talebzadeh, Iran’s biggest TV talk show host, chair of New Horizon NGO. Neocon-Zionist Mnuchin’s Treasury Department recently sanctioned Iranian NGO New Horizon, vaguely alleging that its conferences—which bring together independent thinkers from around the world—are fronts for Iranian spying. The sole basis for this absurd claim is the Justice Department’s indictment of Monica Witt, a former Air Force officer who allegedly defected to Iran and spilled secrets to Iranian intelligence. There’s only one problem: Monica Witt has absolutely no connection to the New Horizon NGO! As New Horizon Chair Nader Talebzadeh explains in this interview, Witt…