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FFWN: Facing US Bio-War

  Broadcasts Saturdays live 11 to noon Eastern. BAD NEWS: This week Kevin’s YouTube channel was frozen by insane censors.   GOOD NEWS: It was restored right before the show!  BAD NEWS:  OUR BROADCAST WAS INTERRUPTED, RESULTING IN TWO SEPARATE VIDEOS (SEE ABOVE). Guest commentator: J. Michael Springmann PSAs 1) Free Speech in a Time of Crisis—Support FFWN! 2) Youtube Bans 9/11 Physics Debate, Freezes Kevin’s Channel—Then Reverses Itself Saturday Morning 3) Trump and his Zionist masters want to destroy Iran: Former US diplomat‘Trump-and-his-Zionist-masters-want-to-destroy-Iran’ US Biowar 4) 2020 Coronavirus = 2001 Anthrax: “ALL ROADS LEAD TO DARK WINTER” 5) Facing…


J. Michael Springmann on Israel’s Trumped-up war on Iran; Hummux on “5G = glyphosate” and why fearlessness is key

Broadcast live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio then archived HERE First hour: J. Michael Springmann is an attorney and former State Department official whose bizarre experiences at his post in Saudi Arabia are recounted in Visas for al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts that Rocked the World. Along with former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, ex-Defense Department advisor Michael Maloof, and US Army anti-terror official Scott Bennett, Mike Springmann attended the spring 2018 New Horizon conference in Mashhad, Iran.  Following the conference, the Trump Administration’s Zionist-occupied Treasury Department slapped sanctions on the New Horizon NGO and has threatened that any American who attends…