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LIVE RADIO! Nadeem Haque on “Ecolibrium: The Sacred Balance in Islam”; Sander Hicks on Being Demonized (for 9/11 Truth) in Jewish Daily Forward

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Nadeem Haque discusses his new book (with Al-Hafiz B.A. Masri and Mehran Banaei) Ecolibrium: The Sacred Balance in Islam.  Nadeem writes: “Islam is regarded in the Quran (its primary textual source) as a natural belief system founded on nature (in Arabic: fitrah). Furthermore, in the Quran, nature is spoken of profusely, not only as a pointer to God (a singular non-anthropomorphic ‘non-localized entity’) but also as a source of sustainability for all creatures that inhabit this vast universe. To this extent, Ecolibrium shows that the Quranic system does not separate the ‘religious’ from the ‘sacred’, for everything is sacred in the sense that it is honoured and respected as the creation of God. What is more, is that the Quran is centralized on the concept of al-mizan (the Arabic word for ‘the balance/equilibrium’). The book illustrates that this key concept is essential to realizing the Equigenic Principle as a corrective for destructive human behaviour that is creating havoc on the Earth. The Equigenic Principle is defined and illustrated as the fulcrum for three other ‘ecognitions’ (ecological recognitions): ‘Ownership of God’, ‘Sentient Species Communities’ and ‘Personhood’.”

Second hour: Author-activist Sander Hicks discusses his latest 15-minutes-of-fame thanks to the Forward article “Author who alleged Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks endorses candidate in Brooklyn House race.” Sander responded with an open letter to the Forward that commends the Forward for its coverage of the five “dancing Israeli” spies who were caught on 9/11 apparently pre-positioned to film and celebrate the attacks. (The Forward excised that part when they published an expurgated version of the letter.)

During the second half of the show we consider spirituality and politics, including Sander’s Christian approach to activism.

We also discuss the tragic and suspicious passing of our mutual friend, New Horizon NGO founder Nader Talebzadeh (read Sander’s eulogy) and the assassination attempt on New Horizon participant Alexander Dugin that took the life of his daughter Daria. It seems that the usual suspects have gone from terrorizing New Horizon participants (“you will be arrested at the airport if you attend this conference“) to assassinating them.

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