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Israelis run US Treasury, use it to punish Israel’s enemies

Press TV Mike Pompeo is apparently still suffering from the delusions and hallucinations that he announced a month or so ago when he claimed that the US was going to be imposing unilateral multilateral sanctions against Iran. He said the sanctions would be unilateral because nobody else agreed with them, and the rest of the world rejected them, but they would then be multilateral because the rest of the world would have to impose them anyway. And that’s what’s happened now. Pompeo thought he could push these things through the Security Council to make his unilateral sanctions at least a…


Treasury Dept. Sanctions Diva Sigal Mandelker, Exposed as Israeli Mole, Resigns in Disgrace

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor When the FBI called me up to request an in-person interview—and to warn me I would be arrested if I attended a scholarly conference in Beirut—I told them the person they should be investigating was Sigal Mandelker, the suspected Israeli agent running the US Treasury Department’s sanctions program. Israeli-born dual citizen Mandelker was using her perch at Treasury to persecute loyal, patriotic Americans and deprive them of their rights of free speech and free association. Specifically, she had engineered a witch hunt against Iran-based NGO New Horizon, leading to that organization being spuriously designated…