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FFWN: Malaysia, Russia accuse US of false flags

False Flag News 1) Malaysia accuses US/EU/Ukraine of MH-17 false flag 2) Ron Paul: US ‘likely hiding truth’ on downed Malaysian Flight MH17 3) CDC owns Ebola patent 4) Ebola threat: Real or false flag? 5) Russian Health Official:  Ebola = biowar? 6) AE911Truth putting up 9/11 truth billboards 7) AE911Truth debate challenge 8) Richard Clarke may have been a key player in 9/11 9) ANOTHER NINETEEN by Kevin Ryan 10) The Kevin Ryan Paradox: Prove it false by accepting it as true:  11) Kevin Ryan and J911S 12) ISIS…


Unislamic State (US): A Satanic ‘caliphate’

They call themselves Islamic State (IS). They pretend to be a new caliphate. But their behavior is radically un-Islamic… even satanic. And their so-called caliphate is actually a false-flag operation against Islam. A better acronym would be US (Unislamic State)… Full article:


False-Flag News: 9/11, “Three Israeli teens,” Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, al-Baghdadi…

False Flag News 1) 9/11 criminals mobilize NYC mayor to stop new WTC-7 investigation 2) Was Bibi behind the killing of the three teenagers? 3) Sandy Hook script surfaces / false police affidavits 4) More pushing for gun control 5) Sandy Hook: Reality or illusion? The evidence grows 6) Sandy Hooks disappearing witnesses 7) Newtown residents want to raze the Lanza home 8) Jeff Baurman “victim” of Boston bombing father’s girl/ Producer/director Nathan Folks blows whistle on Boston bombing, 9) 9/11 truth advocate Jesse Ventura defamation trial continues 10) Chechen…


DDWN: ISIS stinks of CIA/NATO/Zionist “dirty war” op

False flag news 1) ISIS declares new “Islamic state” 2) ISIL Leader calls on Muslims to support Islamic State 3) ISIS war being run from US Embassy in Ankara 4) 300 more US troops to Iraq 5) ISIS stinks of CIA/NATO “dirty war” op 6) Bill Clinton-Cheney made ISIS crisis in Iraq 7) Obama wants half-billion for Syrian “moderates” 8) Obama throws gasoline on Mideast fire 9) Former French President indicted for corruption – why not indict Obama too? 10)  Iraq receives Russian jets in battle against ISIS 11) Iraqi…


Eric Walberg on Arab Spring & Muslim Brotherhood summer

Tuesday, June 26th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast). Guest: Canadian journalist Eric Walberg, author of Postmodern Imperialism. Eric has been living in Cairo for the past several years, writing for al-Ahram among other outlets, and got to witness the Egyptian revolution first-hand.       Now that the once-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood has swept both the parliamentary and presidential elections, and the remnants of the Mubarak junta have responded by dissolving parliament, will Egypt return to dictatorship or blossom into an Islamic democracy? And what does “Islamic governance” mean, anyway?        Eric Walberg’s…

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