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DDWN: ISIS stinks of CIA/NATO/Zionist “dirty war” op

False flag news

1) ISIS declares new “Islamic state”

2) ISIL Leader calls on Muslims to support Islamic State

3) ISIS war being run from US Embassy in Ankara

4) 300 more US troops to Iraq

5) ISIS stinks of CIA/NATO “dirty war” op

6) Bill Clinton-Cheney made ISIS crisis in Iraq

7) Obama wants half-billion for Syrian “moderates”

8) Obama throws gasoline on Mideast fire

9) Former French President indicted for corruption – why not indict Obama too?

10)  Iraq receives Russian jets in battle against ISIS

11) Iraqi Kurds build fortress around disputed areas

12) Chalabi still neo-con choice to lead Iraq

13) Iraq crisis ‘made in Israel’

14) The world is sick of Israel and its insanities 

15) What happened the night of the kidnapping

16) Murdered Israeli Teens: A Cabalistic Conspiracy?

17) 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: financial motives exposed

18) Carlyle Group acquires The JFK Library

19) Blackwater death threat stifles US inquiry

20 Petraeus: After AMERICA comes NORTH AMERICA

21)  Snowden to dump doc to avert a new war

22) Facebook study tied to Department of Defense

23) Furor erupts over facebook experiments with users

24) CT Police invoke “Shelter in Place” over neighborhood burglary

25) Medical police state with doctors threatened with arrest for talking about infectious diseases

26) Medical staff warned against exposing conditions of immigrant children

27) Kid skips church = childendangerment

News from “The Homeland”

28) Supreme Court rules against contraceptive coverage

29) GOP has a real “birth control” problem

30) Supreme Court thinks corporations are people, women aren’t

31) Sen. Mike Lee: Women use bc for recreational sex

32) Open season on reproductive health clinics

33) Birth control: Liberation or enslavement?

34) GOP warns Obama not to overstep on immigration

35) Trump tells Americans,  “Prepare for financial ruin!”

36) Vet finally gets VA appointment–2 years after he died

37) Secret plan to outsource Social Security

Climate change

38) Former NASA Chief Scientist: We are destroying our climate system

39) Papers misclassified as supporting Global Warming

3 Thoughts to “DDWN: ISIS stinks of CIA/NATO/Zionist “dirty war” op”

  1. Anonymous

    I listened to the Dynamic Duo last night and was appalled by your support of the Hobby Lobby decision. While I sympathize with your position regarding contraception, my problem with the decision is its much broader implication that puts employer rights over the rights of the employee. This is a matter of individual rights not contraception. If you wish to change the publics morals, please do so through education not the courts.

  2. I don't think any employee anywhere has any "individual right" to force anyone – employer, taxpayers, or Santa Claus – pay for his or her birth control.

  3. Anonymous

    I am a trained philosopher, and what Fetzer is presenting here is anti-logos ideology under the guise of philosophy and science. Fetzer: you are excellent and courageous at unmasking lies, as in Sandy Hook and 911. But when it comes to these sorts of issues, you are out of your league and on the side of evil. It's the Logos that determines the truth in these areas, the natural law, and that Logos became Incarnate. Philosophy must defer to the Truth, and if it doesn't, it becomes distorted and a servant of error.

    The Aristotelian/Thomistic tradition, as Alasdair MacIntyre has shown, can out-argue every other tradition, including your Enlightenment-Encylopaedic-naturalist-immanentist-rationalist one, because it is pro-logos and accepts the authority of the natural law as well as the divine law.

    Your view here is tantamount to nothing-worship, for the upshot is that there is nothing higher than human authority. But what are humans? Are they valuable? Try proving that without deferring to transcendence and creation and God.

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