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Murdered Israeli Teens: A Cabalistic Conspiracy?


When a number is invested with spooky significance, we’re in Cabala territory. That’s what happened with 9/11. The three digits 9-1-1, the number Americans use to call their government in case of emergency, became the icon of a “whole new world.”

Now they’re doing the same thing – in Israel – with the number 18.

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One Thought to “Murdered Israeli Teens: A Cabalistic Conspiracy?”

  1. Anonymous

    This kidnaping of the three teenager settlers and their death still mysterious and absolutely ambiguous , If any Palestinian party was responsible behind this kidnaping then those kidnappers would had claimed responsibilities and they will be proud and difiantly defiance and they will use those kidnaped teenagers as a very valuable bargening chips with Israeli government to release many Palestinian prisoners . Now Hamas movement they are that naive nor ignorants to shoot themselves in their own foot nor committing suicide by kidnaping any Israeli citizens specially after their reconciliations with their Palestinian PLO counterparts and brothers , Hamas movement are totally brook financially and they are trying to exert any efforts to prevent and also avoid any serious militarily confrontation with Iarael because they are "Hamas" fully aware that Israel searching desperately for any pretext or reason to exacerbate the tention and slso to attack Gaza and Hamas and the Israeli main goal for those israeli confrontations that their desatisfaction and infuriation regarding the latest unity and harmonious reconciliation between PLO and Hamas , so the Israeli government perceived and considered any Palestinian peaceful unity and congregation as a threat against its dividing policy . I am strongly believed that kidnaping was orchestrated by the Israeli government and its intelligent "Shabak" to kidnap and even kill those teenagers settlers to aim the blame on Hamas and immediately pointing the blame on that movement secondly to justify the Israeli aggression and its military attacks on the entire Palestinian nation and secondly to criminalize and dehumanize Hamas globally through the Israeli local media and the international proboganda by accusing them as terrorists so that way they entire world will sympathies with Israel the "outcrying victim" and also the Natanyahu's government will have the golden pretext and opportunity to sabotage and torpedoing the latest reconciliation between Hamas and PLO . Also the Israeli government been feeling the extensive heate lately through worldwide boycotts , sanctions and divestments by worldwide company's regarding its illegal settlements on the West Banks and also their immoral and barbaric treatments against the Palestinian nation on checkpoints and the inhuman treatments to thousands of Palestinian detained prisoners witch been locked up for many month and even years without any charges nor trials nor convections . Bottom line the Israeli government had violated all international laws , ethics and pricibles and they they become isolated every day and minute by the international community . So Natanyahu's racist wormonger government and war crime policy it been totally reached the breaking point and completely bankrupted so they were desperately searching for an urgency plan to save their apartheid regime and to faceliating their aggression to prevent any future Palestinian unity or potential future state so they came with this masterful kidnaping conspiracy of their own citizens in order to justify their war crimes against those Palestenian terrorized , brutalized and severely victimized nation .

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