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Mazin Qumsiyeh: The Zionist lies are imploding

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Qumsiyeh being arrested in Al-Walaja 6 May 2010

Palestinian children are being slaughtered practically on a daily basis – yet the whole world must stand at attention and salute the legend of the “18 days” of the three kidnapped and murdered Israeli teenagers…which has every indication of being yet another false flag. What’s up with that? Let’s ask Mazin Qumsiyeh!  Dr. Qumsiyeh is a teacher and researcher at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities in occupied Palestine. In this interview, he says the Zionists are over-reaching; fewer and fewer people believe their lies, and the truth – like the sun from behind a cloud – is gradually emerging. As the Palestinian proverb says, you can’t hide the mid-day sun with a sieve…an apt metaphor for the Zionist web of lies, which is so full of holes it might as well be a sieve.

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2 Thoughts to “Mazin Qumsiyeh: The Zionist lies are imploding”

  1. Anonymous

    I think that Dr. K of has nailed the case for a hoax here. At the funeral for one of the boys, the "body" was actually a mattress or pillows stuffed into an Israeli flag body-wrap. The top of the mattress is perfectly flat, without showing body contours. The body is about 7.5 feet tall, making one of the boys a basketball player. When the belt is tied around the mattress, it buckles upward. Other points it makes no sense whatsoever to have the body on a gurney wrapped in cloth, without a casket. The body had been in a field for 2 weeks and would have begun to smell. And in the context of the hard evidence, I have to admit that the emotional reaction of the mourners, which I consider soft evidence, does not look realistic at all. Please see http //

  2. Anonymous

    Qumsiyeh raises an interesting point—zionists going beyond the “only democracy in the Mid East” to a “We the Living” (the title of an Ayn Rand/Alice Rosenbaum book with a similar theme) approach. The Arabs/Muslime are the dead, savages…we are the “angels of light”. So it follows that to save the light we must kill or drive out the “darkness”.

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