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Carolyn Baker, Guy McPherson & E. Michael Jones on TJ radio today!

Friday 7/4 – Listen live – 5 to 7 pm Central on Revolution Radio:  To be rebroadcast Saturday 7/5 11 to 12:45 pm Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot.

First hour guests Carolyn Baker and Guy McPherson are co-authors of the new book Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind.

Guy McPherson
Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker, Ph.D. was formerly a professor of history and psychology and a practicing psychotherapist, and is now an author, speaker and life coach. A colleague of the late, legendary 9/11 truth-seeker Mike Ruppert, Dr. Baker is the author of several books including Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths For Turbulent Times.  Joining us will be Guy McPherson,  who (like Carolyn) is preparing for the collapse of civilization. Dr. McPherson is a professor emeritus in the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and a well-known author and lecturer. His books include Walking Away from Empire and Going Dark.

Second hour guest E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars is America’s leading dissident Catholic intellectual – maybe America’s leading Catholic intellectual, period. We’ll discuss the Hobby Lobby case ruling that closely held corporations don’t have to violate their religious precepts by funding birth control as “health care”; and will touch on the situation in the Middle East (we hung out together in Tehran last month at the “Defending the Prophet” conference).

E. Michael Jones in Tehran

What will E. Michael Jones, a strong opponent of artificial birth control, say about the Baker-McPherson view that the ill effects of overpopulation are about to destroy civilization? Tune in and find out.

E. Michael Jones is the author of a long list of books including Libido Dominandi The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, and Culture Jihad in Tehran.

2 Thoughts to “Carolyn Baker, Guy McPherson & E. Michael Jones on TJ radio today!”

  1. Anonymous

    I've never heard your show on the freedomslips site but heard some today. Guy McP. is a fraud. But he's not a run-of-the-mill fraud. I think he really believes what he espouses. But he's been led to believe in a fraud. As have many so called "academics". I doubt he will ever come to see the truth as he seems to be hard-wired in his "beliefs". He has the perfect inflexible personality along with a keen intellect to continue the fraud. As a thought experiment do a comparison with global warming and the holohoax. There have been professors that have suggested that global warming deniers should face punishments. Sounds familiar. Talk to him about what generates the weather and how. He'll probably pause and then ramble on. Also don't tell him you have any doubts about the holohoax. And ask him why Hitler didn't like the jews. You're brave and courageous for doing the interviews you do. I would be unable to suspend my disbelief to interview Guy McP. I can barely listen to him. Happy 4th to you as well! p.s. check out Dave Talbott's electric universe documentaries on youtube or this relates to weather how/what.

  2. Anonymous

    I've listened to your last broadcast with E. Michael Jones several times; he does pack in a lot of historical detail, that sometimes requires follow-up reading to get the long horizon backstory.

    I've also listened to his discussion with Henrik Palmgren over at rediceradio.

    By the second or third time I heard Prof. Jones allude to the principle of "the logos", I couldn't help but think of several lectures by Webster Tarpley, in which he casually alluded to "the logos".

    Can't think of anyone else recently who's picked up on the same meme. I might have missed someone.
    I don't recall you questioning Jones' precise meaning in his use of this Greek term, for which there may be no single word equivalent in English. The concept of "the logos" is hardly self-evident or intuitively obvious.

    But I would dearly love to hear you parse out the degrees of mutual difference, uniformity or intersection that defines the practical meaning of "the logos" for Tarpley AND Jones simultaneously; beyond its banal familiarity to us undergrads via Plato's "Timaeus" or the "Evangelion Yohannes" (Gospel of John).

    I wonder if you could ever get those two together for a debate/discussion on "The Logos" (and it's Implications for the rest of us").

    I personally think Hegel realized "the logos" in his description of "the Absolute" and its role in "history".

    Thanks for the interviews.

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