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False-Flag News: 9/11, “Three Israeli teens,” Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, al-Baghdadi…

False Flag News

1) 9/11 criminals mobilize NYC mayor to stop new WTC-7 investigation

2) Was Bibi behind the killing of the three teenagers?

3) Sandy Hook script surfaces / false police affidavits

4) More pushing for gun control

5) Sandy Hook: Reality or illusion? The evidence grows

6) Sandy Hooks disappearing witnesses

7) Newtown residents want to raze the Lanza home

8) Jeff Baurman “victim” of Boston bombing father’s girl/ Producer/director Nathan Folks blows whistle on Boston bombing,

9) 9/11 truth advocate Jesse Ventura defamation trial continues

10) Chechen fighters joining Jihad Western plot

11) al-Baghdadi: CIA mind-control slave?

Israel’s genocide of Palestine

12) Israel maims children with DIME (dense inert metal explosive)

13) Gaza’s water system collapsing due to IDF strikes, says Red Cross

14) Gaza: Israeli commandos “running like chickens”

15) Hamas rejects cease fire with Israel

16) Bibi bashes Gaza for huge natural gas deposits

17) Israel is captive to its “destructive process” (a euphemism for “Israel is evil”)

18) Why Israel has already lost the war


19) Elgin AFB busted manipulating Reddit

20) Governing Without Consent: International Banking Cartel Buying America With Printed Counterfeit Fiat Currency.

Odds and Ends

21) No progress in Iranian nuclear talks

22) Iran sanctions costing US billions

23) US planning unilateral sanctions on Russia

24) Obama humiliates Muslims at Ramadan fast-breaking party

4 Thoughts to “False-Flag News: 9/11, “Three Israeli teens,” Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, al-Baghdadi…”

  1. Anonymous

    [UPDATE: by the way, yesterday was 7-16-2014, a 7-7-7 day. Today, a 777 was shot down. This is more than synchronicity, I'm quite sure, and likely planned in advance.]

    We all know the cabal/Zionists love to use the numbers. This could be related.

  2. Anonymous

    Al-Baghdadi and his gold Rolex watch. What is that? Some kind of sick joke? I doubt that he's Muslim at all. Looks like a Walter Whitey White from East Philly to me. The watch is probably fake too. He comes off like the lap dancing, coke snorting, clueless super pilot Hani Hanjour.

    I can't stand the feeling that we're being laughed at by a boardroom full cigar smoking, Scotch drinking psychopaths on a conference call… It's entertainment, they do it to amuse themselves… and make a buck or two of course….

    I read somewhere that JFK, or maybe heard on your show, might have formed a "Secret Team", that was foreshadowed in the 2001 movie "Swordfish", to defend the nation from enemies within. In the movie though, it is revealed that J. Edgar Hoover formed the "Black Cell". Whatever… If they did form such a cell then where the hell are they? I mean damn, what are they waiting for? Either they got flipped or eliminated. Probably by LBJ on his first day in office… Fore surely they would have acted by now… Just another carefully crafted pipe dream I'm afraid…

    Like the bone throwing Voodoo Priest reading his chicken bones. It always comes up the same. We have crossed into the other side and we're on our own to endure what we can… Passing our knowledge to a distant future… In hopes that some of our kind have survived…

    Hey wait, I think we've just found the missing Malaysian Airliner. It just got shot down in the Ukraine…

  3. Anonymous

    The persecuted, slaughtered Palestinians are the Israelites. The vicious bloodthirsty Israeli Zionazis are Pharaoh's Egypt. During God's plagues upon Egypt, 36 1/2 centuries ago, God brought great destruction to Pharaoh's Egypt in order to free the Israelites from Egyptian bondage. The ancient Israelites were not being genocided; they were being enslaved. Every minute that I can keep my mind aware of God's invisible presence in and around all of us, I will lament, I will mourn, I will grieve in prayer to God, over the bloody genocide against the Palestinian people by the Israeli Zionazis, who do not idolize Adolph Hitler, but they certainly are possessed by the same demonic spirits which possessed Adolph Hitler. The vicious malicious murderous emotions gripping the Israeli Zionazis is indicative of the demonic spirit of Satan, the devil, who possesses their diabolical Zionazi souls. Dear God, strike these Israeli Zionazi devils with earthquakes, with lightning bolts, with meteor strikes. Strike them, if that is the only way to stop them, for they refuse to listen to the God of Israel! Liberate Your chosen people, the Palestinians, from Satan's Zionazi afflictions. Spiritually inspire the Palestinians and all your chosen righteous compassionate Jews and Gentiles in Israel and throughout the World. Inspire them to dedicate their awareness to your invisible Loving presence and to *listen* for your silent call for love between You and all of your people: Jews, Gentiles, Arabs, Black, White, Asian, all peoples . . . all whom your Love has created. Amen

  4. Anonymous

    What each of you are not: "conspiracy theorist"

    What each of you are…: "conspiracy fact-ist"

    Well, maybe theory (hypothesis) first, then supported with facts (data)…

    Again, thank you for your passionate search for and reporting of "the Truth" (supported by facts).

    Aloha, Kp (Bradley Duell, PhD)

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