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Pentagon Reveals Chinese Spy Balloon Was “Weaponized Hyperinflated Condom”

Dissociated Press A Pentagon spokesperson reported Wednesday that the Chinese spy balloon shot down off South Carolina last week was a “Weaponized Hyperinflated Condom” (WHC) that posed a serious threat to America’s national virility. According to the report, the Chinese have developed a new polymer-layering nanotechnology that can be sprayed on the outside of an ordinary condom, giving it incredible strength and allowing it to be inflated to enormous sizes. “By tumescing it with helium and sending it into American airspace, the Chinese demonstrated their ability to put a gargantuan phallus right there over our heads. It’s a gigantic ‘fuck-you’…


Will Vaxx Wars “Go Nuclear” in 2022? (write-up based on this week’s FFWN)

Watch the full uncensored FFWN HERE By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor The top story of the last week of 2021: Putin and Biden spent almost an hour on the special “save the world from nuclear destruction hotline” doing a remake of President Merkin Muffley’s emergency call to Premier Kissoff in Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove. Putin’s message: If Biden doesn’t call back the first strike weapons Gen. Jack D. Ripper is sending to Russia’s borders, get ready for…the Doomsday Machine. Speaking of Doomsday Machines….which is the real Doomsday Machine, the virus or the vaccine? The latter looks more and more likely,…


A little patriotic ditty celebrating the exploits of CIA terrorist Raymond Davis

CIA “secret agent man” Raymond Davis was arrested after murdering two Pakistanis. It turned out he had been organizing fake “Islamic extremist attacks,” blowing up innocent people in mosques and markets. The US apparently forced Pakistan to release Davis by threatening to nuke them. Here is a version of “Secret Agent Man” dedicated to Raymond Davis — and the a-holes who sent him.    Helen Caldicott told me recently that men kill and blow things up out of sexual frustration. But Freud knew a century ago that aggression was anal, not sexual. The psychopathic control freaks who are destroying our…