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A little patriotic ditty celebrating the exploits of CIA terrorist Raymond Davis

CIA “secret agent man” Raymond Davis was arrested after murdering two Pakistanis. It turned out he had been organizing fake “Islamic extremist attacks,” blowing up innocent people in mosques and markets. The US apparently forced Pakistan to release Davis by threatening to nuke them.

Here is a version of “Secret Agent Man” dedicated to Raymond Davis — and the a-holes who sent him.


Helen Caldicott told me recently that men kill and blow things up out of sexual frustration. But Freud knew a century ago that aggression was anal, not sexual. The psychopathic control freaks who are destroying our planet often betray a certain constipated look, as if their efforts to control the world were really just an effort to control their sphincters.

4 Thoughts to “A little patriotic ditty celebrating the exploits of CIA terrorist Raymond Davis”

  1. Well I would have never the word to describe as you did Kevin… looking at him I can say that he has a Zionist full diarrhea hemorrhagic 🙂

    that needs the works and skills of a surgeon to repair, Chinese are selling very good artificial anus , in bamboo skin we were told by french pedophiles on national TV

  2. Oh…….my…….deity! That took guts, Kevin:-)

  3. Thanks, Maturin.

    William Hare, Amazon top reviewer, wrote: "Barrett's gifts for verse and sidesplitting satire recall Rabelais, the ribald genius of France."

    So I figured I'd better do something ribald and Rabelaisian once in awhile just to keep him happy.

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