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Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta?

I’m in the Amsterdam airport with Merlin Miller, the man I voted for in the last presidential election, returning to the USA after two amazing weeks in Iran. During the Tehran-to-Amsterdam flight I watched Argo, the Zionist propaganda flick designed to remind Americans why Iran is supposed to be our enemy. The film depicts Iranians as angry, violent fanatics who hate Americans. The reality is precisely the opposite. Iranians are the most warm, hospitable, generous, kind, pro-American-people folks you’ll ever have the good fortune to meet. This after the US government, led by the nose by Israel, has been murdering their young scientists, bombing their mosques, and trying to destroy their economy. Despite all the provocations, Iranians know that the real enemy is Zionism and its New World Order – not the American people. I wonder when Americans will figure that out…and what will happen when they do.

I’ll be discussing this when my radio show resumes next Friday. Meanwhile, here are the two articles I managed to post while in Iran…

Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta?  


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Iran drops bomb on Hollywood

Iran says: “Burn, Hollywood, burn!”

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2 Thoughts to “Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta?”

  1. Blowing up Fukushima was the most stupid mistake of all time, Selling the U.S. government and the rest of them computer technology was the second

  2. Anonymous

    I read your recent piece on the Pope being fired, and I must say I hope you are right. Because if I am right it will make your blog look like pudding (putting it nicely).

    I am writing you in hopes that you would have a better knowledge of, as to where my knowledge is from other sources. I also want to pose a question to you, one that is very plausible and should be looked at by all. It is my understanding that each time the Knights of Malta came out in to public view that humanity paid for it one way or another, but always resulting in mass deaths.

    Another thing that bothers me about the “Knights of Malta”; Why does the “Church have a clandestine army and why doesn’t it raise the eyebrows of the church followers? How can an institution of peace wield an enormous weapon of influence and power (financial and political; placement of head figures)?”

    I ask that you think if this is at all plausible seeing how you mentioned the 9/11 debacle: The recent cruise ships are bio terror weapons. Because the ships had no running water and or way to prevent dysentery and or other viruses. Wouldn’t you think that the CDC would want to hold these people for “28 days” before letting them span out over the country let alone into the world?”

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