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Alan Hart bashes holocaust denial, John Hanke says “all mainstream history is a fraud”

Fri. 2/15/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

I’m back from Iran, and Truth Jihad Radio is returning..with a vengeance!

First hour: Middle East expert Alan Hart kicked a hornet’s nest with his “WANTED – A psychiatric diagnosis of Nazi holocaust denial” and other recent articles on the same subject. Alan is ticked off about the angry anti-Jewish comments – some of them clearly offensive – that litter his posts at Veterans Today. I see his point…but I don’t agree with him that holocaust revisionists need a psychiatric diagnosis. It’s the people (on all sides) who call names rather than arguing with facts and reason who should be diagnosed. And all of the holocaust revisionists I’ve met, including Dr. Nick Kollerstrom, Mark Weber, and all of the dozens of Muslim academicians with whom I’ve discussed the subject, argue far more factually and reasonably than do such defenders of holocaust orthodoxy as Michael Shermer and Deborah Lipstadt.

Second hour: John Hanke, unlike Alan Hart, says “everything you know is wrong” (including the official holocaust narrative). A high school history teacher, researcher, and filmmaker, John says our history books are fraudulent from start to finish. We’ll discuss the possible real reasons for the Pope’s bizarre resignation, among other subjects.

John writes:

I found one section of your story on the pope chillingly reasonable.  “Are the Knights of Malta and their Israeli friends about to ramp up the clash of civilizations? Are they going to nuke an American city and blame it on Iran? Are they planning some other dastardly act that Benedict couldn’t stomach?”

In 1997, the head of the Rothschild Klan “killed himself” by hanging himself with his bathrobe sash from a towel rack in his bathroom.  The rack was pulled from the wall.  I think he must have disapproved the plan for 9-11.  Such events not only take out the objector, but they send a message to any other would-be objector “we can take out ANYBODY”!  All the more scarey when one ponders what a nazi like Razinger could object to.

On the other hand (this from my wife), the cardinal of Los Angeles was handed his head last week for his role in covering up child abuse.  Ratzinger, before he became pope, was in charge of the papal office on child abuse.  The L.A. diocese is getting ready to hand over all their unredacted paper work on the issue.  Big deal.  And Cardinal Mahoney had to be axed before they released it.  Ratzinger’s name IS on any communications with Rome.  Maybe those documents are about to be released. 


7 Thoughts to “Alan Hart bashes holocaust denial, John Hanke says “all mainstream history is a fraud””

  1. Anonymous

    Welcome back. I'm a relative newcomer so I started listening to your archives which are a treasure trove.

  2. Anonymous

    gordon duff sent me fascinating email yesterday of his russian source of satellite film that sandy hook was done by 3 shooters. i am volunteering down there occasionally. the net is full of even local speculation that adam lanza did not act alone, and that government accounts are untrue. from all i have read i think the case can be broken by focusing on who adam lanza is and was. there is no public source i know accounting for his entire background, especially the last weeks and months of his life. hard to think that no one who knew him did not see him somewhat recently; a doctor, a neighbor, a relative, a friend, etc. adam was not locked up so far as i can tell. common sense says a 120 pound emaciated disabled man-boy doe not lug scores of pounds of gear into a secure area and pull of what has been alleged alone. it was not physically, let alone logistically possible for any 1 man to do it in my view. the film would confirm that much. gordon did not say when/if the public can see it. and i have friend, roy tov, dissident israeli chem weapons scientist, now a political refugee living in bolivia, who said that israel had a role in the pope's demise, and that he did not quit. he says he cannot say more, i assume for his own safety, which is routinely threatened by mossad etc. see roy's 2 books, 'the cross of bethlehem', and 'the cross of bethlehem 2', accounting roy's ordeals as an israeli, christian convert, truth teller in the spirit of mordechai vanunu, and opponent of imperialism. after many years international law and human rights study, i am coming to gordon' conclusions that 'current events' today are moved by dark biblical forces. threre is no practical political theory i know accounting for the facts. what we are seeing today, in sandy hook, 9-11, and so many other attacks, is just not human in nature, as the bible foretells. my view at least. i listen to some of your recorded radio sessions and try to read your articles. despite my poor ability to ground my beliefs in non-falsifiable facts today as was my academic training, my instincts are typically very good at assessing circumstantial evidence. all of my antennae are up for the facts. the rabbit hole is looking less mysterious in some ways due to VT's reporting and similar reports, which i find credible based on years of experience. hope you are well. thank you and God bless you for your continued courage.

  3. Anonymous

    I am willing to bet that Vatican has a bolt generator or receiver that like
    the HAARP technology (Tesla's free energy)! Plus I think I remember that
    same thing happening when the One Pope fella (sorry) was a target for
    assassination in the late 70's I think. Any way this is not the first time
    lightening hit Vatican city. You can Google it!

  4. Anonymous

    In reading the Haavara Agreement, the Zionist's in agreement with Hitler did move to Palestine till 1939.
    That leaves 6 years till 1945

    6 X 365=2190 days.
    6.000.000 / 2190 days = 2739.7 Jew's that would have to die Daily 7 days a week 365 days a year for 6 years.
    This while Germany was in a two front war?
    Yes thousands died as did homosexuals, jehovah's witnesses, gypsy's and communist's as well as others.
    What about the 25 million Russians?
    The way to end this debate is to print the full proof of Names and Locations and Ages. This has been refused so far.
    Just like Obama's Drone program where no proof of guilt is supplies nor given. Dictatorship?

  5. I accept John Hanke's thinking that the Nazi'z murderous campaign was fostered by American bankers, including the murder of a vast number of Jewish civilians. But he appears to suggest these banker's motivation was simply to usurp their victim's wealth.

    This does not take account of the link between these bankers and the establishment of Zionism including the desire for creating a Jewish state in Palestine. One of the issues the Zionist had to face was that much of the Jewish Orthodox population opposed returning to Israel in line with the guidance specified within the Torah.


    The Zionists were also concerned that a Jewish state in Palestine should not be dominated by Orthodox or by Traditional Jews and the original concept was for Israel to be a secular state.

    So to just say the Nazi bankers were only concerned with the money and not to cause the situation for the Jews in Europe where the establishment of a state in Palestine was tangible, their migration a true prospective and that the inherent political ideology of that state would allow for the further ambitions to Zionism to continued unimpeded in it objective (to act as an endless canker and stronghold in the middle-east) is to fail to look into the real depth of the banker's motivations.

  6. Anonymous


    After reading and listening to David Irving, I tend to agree with his interpretation:
    1) the NSDAP maintained slave labor camps during WWII
    2) people died in those camps due to many causes (excluding gas chambers)
    3) not one person deserved to be in those camps and no one, who died in those camps, deserved to die under those illegal and horrific conditions

    In that sense, there was a Holocaust but the numbers are dramatically smaller than those claimed by current historians, do not include a systematic program of genocide of the Jewish people, and did include an equal number of non jewish ethnic minorities and persecuted groups . Inevitably, this discussion must ask the question why did the NSDAP build, maintain and operate slave labors camps.

    Further to the creation of Israel and American participation in World War II, Irving secured letters, cables, notes and diaries detailing secret and illegal discussions between Churchill (while still First Lord of the Admiralty under Neville Chamberlain) and Senior US Government Officials (FDR, etc). Basically, once again, according to Irving, Churchill was negotiating with the Americans behind the back of his prime minister and without the participation of the foreign office, i.e. a loose cannon undertaking private negotiations. From the same set of sources, Irving learned that Churchill was negotiating with prominent British and American Zionist Businessmen about the proposed participation of the US in World War II in return for the sanctioning of the proposed Jewish State. It was through these discussion that Churchill secured the payment of all his outstanding bank debts and a nice cash war chest for the future. Thus irregardless of the new British government stance on Palestine in 1939, referenced by Alan Hart, Churchill, FDR and others were negotiating the creation of Israel prior to the entry of the US in WWII and carried out those promises with arms, finance and ultimately twisting arms in the new United Nations.

    Thus, just as with World War I, a great deal of intrigue and dishonesty was used to bring America into World War II. This begs the question about the role of zionists/international finance in the creation of both wars and the creation of the state of Israel. Do the two issues go hand in hand as a matter of fate or are both the results of the concerted efforts of a handful extremely wealthy individuals who did really did not care that the consequences of their actions probably led to the deaths of one hundred million human beings.

    The fact that, even today, Zionist use every weapon in their power to thwart real discussion of these issues, suggest that they are indifferent to those one hundred million deaths and they are ready to sacrifice one hundred million more (WW4!) to ensure that their little project on the banks of the Mediterranean stays on course.


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