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Zionist flack Katzman re-demolished on Press TV!

I love Kenneth Katzman, the hack propagandist for Israel. Making his head explode live on Press TV was one of the most satisfying accomplishments I’ve ever experienced.

Katzman is afraid to debate me again. He says he’ll never come on Press TV again if they keep featuring guests like me. He even demands that I be permanently removed from all media outlets, everywhere in the world.

But that doesn’t mean that my new friend Rodney Shakespeare, with whom I dined at Tehran’s best Mexican restaurant two nights ago, can’t step in and kick his ass. Go, Rodney!

3 Thoughts to “Zionist flack Katzman re-demolished on Press TV!”

  1. It would be like a Zionist propagandist to now want You on the Air… Tough… Your voice is loud and clear, Kevin!

  2. Anonymous

    LOL. Rodney Shakespeare had his ass handed to him. Katzman tried very hard to be civil but when you're dealing with these hardcore prejudiced types like Shakespeare it's practically impossible. Katzman was professional, informed, and knowledgeable. Shakespeare acted like a child, resorting to insults, name calling, and outright lies about Iran and America. "The USA is out to smash any Islamic country that protests about Palestine." What a bunch of crap! I wonder if these people ever reflect on how they came to be propagandists for an Islamic theocracy simply because they are jealous of America's stunning success in the world over their lifetimes.

  3. You're going to have to work harder than this to earn your Zionist-shill paycheck, Anon!

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