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Benny Morris: Hero or Psychopath?

I have a high regard for truth – so high that my dear friend Shaykh Yusuf Estes says I should change my name to Abdulhaqq, “The Slave of Truth.” (In Arabic, the word al-Haqq, meaning “Truth” or “Reality,” is one of the most beautiful names of God.) I told Shaykh Yusuf that yes, truth has made me its slave: I’ve done a whole lot of work on behalf of truth without being paid a penny. But is dedication to truth enough? Take Benny Morris – please. From the standpoint of dedication to truth, Benny Morris is one of the greatest…


Hamza Yusuf and Yusuf Estes: “Diplomatic” truth-seekers?

by Kevin Barrett, A Muslima for 9/11 truth, who helped us personally deliver 9/11 truth materials to Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s Zaytuna Institute, recently forwarded a video of the Sheikh’s passionate defense of truth and justice, and suggested that M911T may have helped inspire this kind of speech: Unfortunately, Hamza Yusuf apparently has not yet publicly spoken out for 9/11 truth, even though in the above video he does excoriate CIA drug dealing. He may be concerned that if he took a public pro-9/11-truth stance, his effort to establish Zaytuna University as the first Muslim university in the USA would…