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Hamza Yusuf and Yusuf Estes: “Diplomatic” truth-seekers?

by Kevin Barrett, A Muslima for 9/11 truth, who helped us personally deliver 9/11 truth materials to Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s Zaytuna Institute, recently forwarded a video of the Sheikh’s passionate defense of truth and justice, and suggested that M911T may have helped inspire this kind of speech: Unfortunately, Hamza Yusuf apparently has not yet publicly spoken out for 9/11 truth, even though in the above video he does excoriate CIA drug dealing. He may be concerned that if he took a public pro-9/11-truth stance, his effort to establish Zaytuna University as the first Muslim university in the USA would…


Matt Taibbi’s Great Derangement

My fellow Muslim for 9/11 Truth Bill “Anab” Whitehouse has just posted a wonderful imaginary interview with fanatical anti-truther Matt Taibbi.  Taibbi, as you may recall, recently gave me the Most Obnoxious Thing on the Internet award for my suggestion that the US apologize to Muslims, who have been falsely blamed for 9/11, by building a mega-mosque on Ground Zero. Taibbi’s rabid opposition to 9/11 truth is itself a great derangement. As I once told a radio interviewer, lots of people email me to tell me I’m crazy. My response: Anyone who would email a crazy person to tell them…


Tuesday on F&B: Math and Science Polymath & 9/11 Truth Researcher A.K. Dewdney

Tuesday 1/12/10 on Fair and Balanced with Kevin Barrett, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon – 1 pm Eastern), to be archived a few hours later here: Scientist, polymath and 9/11 researcher/activist A.K. Dewdney. Note: We were unable to broadcast a live interview, so instead we are replaying an earlier interview with A.K. Dewdney. Meanwhile, David Ray Griffin writes: FYI, I have just submitted a major paper to Global Research entitled “Phone Calls from the 9/11 Airliners: A Response to Questions Evoked by My Fifth Estate Interview,” which points out the crucial importance of Kee’s 2003 papers on cell phone calls…