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Hamza Yusuf and Yusuf Estes: “Diplomatic” truth-seekers?

by Kevin Barrett,

A Muslima for 9/11 truth, who helped us personally deliver 9/11 truth materials to Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s Zaytuna Institute, recently forwarded a video of the Sheikh’s passionate defense of truth and justice, and suggested that M911T may have helped inspire this kind of speech:

Unfortunately, Hamza Yusuf apparently has not yet publicly spoken out for 9/11 truth, even though in the above video he does excoriate CIA drug dealing. He may be concerned that if he took a public pro-9/11-truth stance, his effort to establish Zaytuna University as the first Muslim university in the USA would be impeded by attacks from the 9/11 perps, their dupes, and those in power who fear that 9/11 truth would be destabilizing. (Note how the Cordoba Islamic Center project came under attack from Fox News due to its rather tangential link to Muslims for 9/11 Truth board member Dr. Faiz Khan.)

Sheikh Yusuf Estes, like Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, is a prominent American Muslim leader who opposes thulm (oppression/injustice) in all its forms, is not stupid, and therefore may be assumed to be an ally of those seeking to expose the truth about 9/11 and false-flag terrorism. But Sheikh Yusuf, like Sheikh Hamza, is spearheading a major effort to take Islam in America to the next level–in this case by a massive dawa outreach program. Speaking too forthrightly about 9/11 would invite attacks that could impede the dawa program.

Listen to Sheikh Yusuf Estes on the Kevin Barrett Show — he speaks out, diplomatically, about current injustices during the last 20 minutes.  

Good, honest American Muslim leaders like these two Sheikhs face a terrible dilemma: Speak out passionately for truth and put the projects they’ve worked for so hard at risk, or implicitly support the big lie that launched a genocidal war on Islam?

Dr. Faiz Khan, who has retired from 9/11 activism except in his advisory capacity with Muslims for 9/11 Truth, has a suggestion for Muslims who, for whatever reason, feel they cannot speak out publicly for 9/11 truth. Dr. Khan’s suggestion: At least don’t support the lie!  If they ask you about 9/11 and the war on terror and you feel you can’t speak the truth, then remain silent!

Also, those who are not willing to speak out and struggle in defense of their faith and their people can provide moral and/or financial support to those who are willing.

Most American Muslims would not be risking big, important Islamic projects if they spoke out. At most, they would be risking their own comforts in the dunya.

The Qur’an tells us that choosing comfort in the dunya over doing the right thing is a very big mistake.

3 Thoughts to “Hamza Yusuf and Yusuf Estes: “Diplomatic” truth-seekers?”

  1. Masha Allah good popint your bringing up ! I agree with you, but I have a remark to do here, your work is to be done in parallel, first bring down racist propaganda against Islaam, the deen, and the second bring down their lie about terrorism and 911 in particular which is another part of their lies about Islaam, you can find easily Muslims that carry on with both jobs, but outside the US, Zakir Naik for example…

    As a 'westerner' like you Kevin, my understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah is that you will always loose something in your faith if you are fighting 100% for the truth, because spiritual quest is a quest for the truth and it does not accomodate with any kind of lies… Remaining silent while they slaughter hundreds of thousands to build an 'islamic center' or to bring dawah in North America, it does not make sens, if they can do that outside the US, they will do it inside the US… but I can understand Estes point of view, for me it is difficult to understand the point of Hamza Yusuf, I remember him sitting next to Bush and applauding after the famous 'whether you are with us or with the terrorist' … I wrote an article just after on the web french internet… just after writing 911 was an israeli job, nearly a decade now !!! ' we are with the terrorists, come on and get us Bush'

    Wa Allah swt 'alam

  2. Hamza was one of the first Imams the feds "visited" after 9/11. He didn't know what the heck was going on at the time, few people did. No notable Muslim can speak about it now and live in this country even though now everyone (with a brain) knows what 9/11 was.
    Yousef Islam seems to have gone silent after being harassed for being Muslim a few years ago. No one can speak openly about the ZOG. We can talk about the CIA because the CIA talks about the CIA. James Cameron could make Avatar because it was the US army depicted and not the IDF. If that isn't proof of who runs this country I don't know what is.

  3. Well, all I can say is alhamdullilah that I'm not a "notable" Muslim! I'm very happy to be a "no one" because I think we are required to speak openly about the ZOG. In the current situation (Zionist war on Islam) verbal jihad fi sabili llah is a duty incumbent on all who are capable of it.

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