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Prof. Anthony Hall, phony “Muslim hijackers” witness Glenn Edwards-Seaman

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First hour: Glenn Edwards-Seaman, a musician whose band played for the phony “Muslim hijackers” including Mohammed Atta at Shuckums Bar during the summer of 2001. Glenn corroborates the many media reports about Atta & co. being far from Muslim — much less “radical” or “extremist” Muslim! Glenn writes: “By the way…just so your listeners know, I’m a graduate of Florida State University, a former Citizen Leader of the University of Wisconsin Citizens Coalition on Nanotechnology and founder of the Green Collar Alliance, a coalition founded to help people find work in sustainable occupations based in Madison, WI. I have published a book of poetry titled King Death & other poems with liner notes by Allen Ginsberg (Selva Editions, Boulder, 1993) and have recorded several CD’s with my band No Busfare Johnson and the Bustones.”

Second hour: Professor Anthony Hall (University of Lethbridge), author of the brand-new Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism. Earth Into Property is not just a stunning alternative history of the past half-millenium, it’s the third 9/11 truth book — after Zarembka’s The Hidden History of 9/11 and Peter Dale Scott’s The Road to 9/11 — to be published by a major university press!

Check out Anthony Hall and Joshua Blakeney challenging 9/11 denialist and pseudo-skeptic Michael Schermer:

3 Thoughts to “Prof. Anthony Hall, phony “Muslim hijackers” witness Glenn Edwards-Seaman”

  1. Kevin, re hour 2, the problem with Hall’s attempt to put all this in context, as you describe it, is that he has taken certain very selective recent events OUT of their historical and general context. Doesn’t the exclusive focus on the era of European expansion and the constant juxtaposition of Europeans vs. “indigenous peoples” (aren’t Europeans indigenous to Europe?) — in your words “putting 9/11 truth into the context [exclusively] of the past few centuries, so we can see how we reached this crazy place where we’re now at” rather suggest that Hall decided how we ‘got here’ before he began his work?

    Just consider what he says: he acknowledges the influence of people like Jared Diamond and Howard Zinn. So a standard college liberal on race and nation issues. He explains the world today by listing the White man’s aggressions against the rest of the world. Again, standard. And then he talks about having preferences among different colonial systems because one or the other provides a “better approach to global governance”. New, but useful, because that’s all the game of bashing Whitey and praising non-Whites is about: keeping down the group you’ve already conquered and bringing others under your control. I’m not saying these are Hall’s personal motives, I have no idea what ethnic background he has, but this is how the system is operating in the stark biological terms of ethnic group action.

    And of course it’s not WASPs running the show, or self-interested Europeans of any type, if we were atop the pyramid Diamond and Zinn wouldn’t be bestsellers, we wouldn’t now be the group being aggressively colonised – demographically – by the rest of the world, nor sending our kids to fight and die for Israel at the behest of the neocons, a Jewish ethnic activist movement that also works with the rest of the establishment to keep a lid on European and European-American ethnic self-awareness, even as it's drummed into all of us to respect and defend Jewish separatism.

  2. Love it or hate it, European expansion is by far the most salient aspect of the history of the past 500 years. A good primer is Alfred Crosby's "Ecological Imperialism." Sven Lindqvist's "Exterminate the Brutes" gives us some reasons not to love it (and offends Zionists by showing that the real Holocaust is the mass slaughter and subjugation of non-Europeans by Europeans, which is precisely what is going on in Occupied Palestine). Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Europeans – I am one! I'd love nothing more than to save European civilization, perhaps by Islamicizing it, as the Traditionalists and Murabitun folks suggest. But this has nothing to do with ethnic self-interest, which I think is a really pathetic way to operate in the world. We should be commanding good and forbidding evil, period, not commanding what's good for our own ethnic group and forbidding what's bad for it. That's what many Zionists are doing now, and it's stupid, evil, and about to blow up in their collective face.

  3. Also, the notion that Europeans are being "aggressively colonized demographically" is wrong. The planet's ratio of Europeans to non-Europeans is gradually returning to what it was before the genocidal expansion began 500 years ago, but it isn't there yet.

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