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My Richard Falk interview transcribed by Zionist neo-McCarthyites at UN Watch

Richard Falk endorses 9/11 “inside job” theory,  interviewed in his official UN capacity(“In his official UN capacity?” As in speaking for the UN as an institution?! The U.N. Watch witch-hunters are lying through their teeth as usual. -KB) UN Watch   March 21, 2011 09:44  (Listen to the interview, recorded last October, here) HOST: Hi, this is Dr. Kevin Barrett of Truth Jihad.Com. You may know me as the host of a certain controversial radio show, namely “The Kevin Barrett Show,” heard every Tuesday right here on No Lies Radio. No Lies Radio offers fearless and honest coverage of the 9/11 truth…


Zionist terror group “UN Watch” targets Richard Falk; bans comments!

Listen to my latest interview with Richard Falk here.  Richard Falk responds to the Lobby’s vilification here. Elizabeth Woodworth asks “Why the Fuss?” here.Veterans Today says Richard Falk Is Right on 9/11. “UN Watch,” like “Campus Watch,” is a cowardly Zionist terror group. Campus Watch is tasked with terrorizing the academic community, especially professors who teach anything related to Middle Eastern Studies, in order to frighten off would-be critics of Israel. U.N. Watch is tasked with terrorizing the diplomatic community, especially UN officials, in order to frighten off would-be critics of Israel. Like Campus Watch, it may be assumed to be a…