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Zionist terror group “UN Watch” targets Richard Falk; bans comments!

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“UN Watch,” like “Campus Watch,” is a cowardly Zionist terror group.

Campus Watch is tasked with terrorizing the academic community, especially professors who teach anything related to Middle Eastern Studies, in order to frighten off would-be critics of Israel.

U.N. Watch is tasked with terrorizing the diplomatic community, especially UN officials, in order to frighten off would-be critics of Israel. Like Campus Watch, it may be assumed to be a spin-off of the Mossad’s psychological warfare division.

This week UN Watch has gone after one of my heroes: Princeton University professor emeritus Richard Falk, Special UN Human Rights Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories. They are unhappy that Richard Falk has spoken out against the official version of 9/11, and in favor of a new investigation.

Unsurprisingly, the cowards at UN Watch have banned comments supporting Dr. Falk. Below is a comment I left shortly after the anti-Falk smear attempt was published.

The co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission have publicly charged that their own investigation was a cover-up that was “set up to fail.” Virtually everyone who examines the evidence agrees with them, and with Richard Falk, on this topic; and a great many privately agree with the great BBC Mideast journalist Alan Hart that the Mossad played an active role in the attacks, and was probably responsible for the demolition of the three World Trade Center towers. No wonder Zionists like Neuer are so terrified of Richard Falk, whose exemplary honesty threatens their ongoing Big Lie in Occupied Palestine.
* * *
The comment disappeared within a few hours. The same thing has happened to comments left by Professor Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge, 9/11 whistleblower Kevin Ryan, and many others.  Below are the kind of comments that the cowardly terror-mongers at U.N. Watch are afraid to post.
* * *
It is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who has discredited himself with his reactionary and ill-informed response to the interventions of Dr. Falk on the state of scholarly controversies concerning the contested events of 9/11. Certainly Professor David Ray Griffin’s ten books on the subject are key works crucial to describing the scholarly landscape of the ongoing research concerning 9/11.

Until Mr. Ban Ki-moon has done his homework on the contested interpretations of what did or did not happen on 9/11 he should restrain himself from criticizing UN staff like Dr. Falk. Dr. Falk is a learned academic who demonstrates his determination to respect human rights by doing the necessary homework to make informed observations and conclusions about the contested events of 9/11.

By not keeping himself up-to-date on the scholarship of 9/11, Mr. Ban Ki-moon is unfortunately part of the constituency that denigrates all Arabs and Muslims who have been smeared collectively by those who disseminate an unsupported interpretation of what happened on the fateful day.

We expect much better from the figurehead of the UN, an institution cheapened and demeaned by the intervention of the Secretary-General into an area on which he obviously has not been properly briefed. Decency requires that the UN Secretary-General favor evidence over the propaganda effects of a toxic public mythology that perpetuates the ruthlessness of the illegal 9/11 Wars.

Anthony J. Hall
Professor of Globalization Studies
University of Letbridge 

* * *
If Professor Falk were to claim a cover-up, that would be a serious charge indeed, requiring much evidence.  You say, however, that he claimed an “apparent cover-up.”  What evidence do we have for such a charge?  As a former Site Manager for Underwriters Laboratories (UL), I can confirm that the investigation conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and UL, into the events at the WTC on 9/11/01, had all the characteristics of a cover-up.

The tests performed by NIST were designed in a deceptive manner, and the results of those tests were either downplayed or ignored in the creation of the report.  All evidence contrary to NIST’s pre-determined conclusions of failure by fire (e.g. evidence for explosives) was ignored throughout the seven year investigation.  People like myself, who dared to speak out about this completely non-scientific approach, lost their jobs as they called for honesty in the investigation.

Because there is substantial evidence pointing to a cover-up, Professor Falk should be commended for saying so, not derided with emotionally-charged but meaningless criticisms.

Kevin Ryan

* * *

To: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Princeton’s Dept. of Politics Chair Prof. Milner and US Senator Mark Dayton

Mr. Ki-moon, I am a student at the Univ. of Toronto and I have carefully examined your sudden reaction to Prof. Falk’s comments regarding 9/11. You were very quick in saying that his statement that 9/11 is a cover-up is offensive and he should be removed from the UN. However Sir, if you actually bother to read some of the statements by US officials such as Senator Dayton (provided below), you will see that Prof. Falk is just stating facts that are far from new.

I am confident that Princeton University will not be intimidated or pressured by your misinformed statements and I hope Princeton supports their own professor. True academics are concerned with facts and truths whereas you Sir are concerned about how “offensive” it appears.

Adnan Zuberi
B. Ed Candidate, Univ. of Toronto


Senator Mark Dayton said:
NORAD “lied to the American people, they lied to Congress and they lied to your 9/11 commission to create a false impression of competence, communication and protection of the American people.”
 Direct video reference:

Senator Max Cleland, Former 9/11 Commissioner, said “One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9/11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up.”

7 Thoughts to “Zionist terror group “UN Watch” targets Richard Falk; bans comments!”

  1. Anonymous

    the most offensive issue remains the million or so who died after 911 – not after an actual criminal investigation – the FBI still does not consider there enough evidence to charge – I guess the estate of Bin Laden with the crime. There will be a reaping of the whirlwind.

    Chris Pringle – known memember of the clerisy January 27 2011

  2. Anonymous

    It's sad that Ban Ki-moon doesn't have a clue about what's actually happening in the world.

  3. Anonymous

    Banned comments? *Gasp!!!*
    Could it be that the comments were, in their opinion, too idiotic? It's most gratifying to know that you, unlike them, would never resort to such lame tactics.

    Or would you?

  4. Regardless of one's opinion on any and all issues, the comments by Hall, Ryan and Zuberi are substantive and could not possibly qualify as "idiotic" to anyone who is not him- or herself an idiot. Additionally, the comments were left by real people with real names and verifiable (and impressive) biographies. The only possible reason to refuse to publish them is cowardice.

    Here at my blog, I publish just about anything, no matter how idiotic, left by verifiable people with real names and biographies. Normally I do not publish anonymous comments by cowardly idiots, but in the case of the comment above I am making an exception.

  5. Anonymous

    Dear All,

    What can I say?

    We have probably done nothing which will change much… Richard Falk will soon be unemployed from his unpaid emplyment at the UN… someone else will sit in his chair, and they will be in control of his Human Rights domain… and Rice, McBoon, the goons and the thugs will assume they have won something… but bit by bit the truth of what they are gets exposed.

    Richard may lose a few academic awards, and some academic standing but he had nothing to lose there which really mattered, except his place in history,which, in time will be recognized and acclaimed. He has gained in stature and reputation with all of the people who matter or count, more than he has lost with the people who do not!

    Falk is a careful writer.

    If you read his statement closely, you will find that he has accused no one! He is simply faulting the current evidence and findings of the Committee, and supporting those engineers and investigators who are calling for an investigation or a Congressional inquiry.

    As one reader correctly remarked, "little surprised that the UNSG was so quick off the mark, but not too surprised."

    The fact the Israeli supporters rush to the defense and go into hysterical denial when they have not been accused of something, is sure an indicator that something stinks in Tel Aviv!

    -Debbie Menon,

  6. Anonymous

    Keep in mind the following points….

    Falk has done nothing more than echo the call of a great many others who have called for an open, thorough, non-political, objective, fair and conclusive investigation of a crime.

    This is what Justice is all about!

    The innocent have nothing to fear from such an investigation.

    The innocently accused should relish and call for just such an investigation to clear their names.

    Who, then, is left who might object to such an investigation?

    Go figure!

    Justice, in the memory of the dead, demands that we find the culprits and expose them.

    Closure for the surviving members of their families demand that we find and punish he perpetrators of such a crime against humanity.

    Who, then, would object?

    Keep figuring… you may get it.


  7. "Justice … demands that we find the culprits and expose them."

    That sums it up nicely and that's what 9/11 truth is all about.

    Obviously, the only people opposed to justice for 9/11, are the culprits.

    Let's expose them all.

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