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Ole Dammegard breaks down the Stockholm truck attack false flag

Broadcast here May 22nd, 11 to noon Eastern then archived. For less than a dollar a week you can subscribe…and listen to this show RIGHT NOW! Ole Dammegard, one of the world’s leading experts on false flag terrorism and political assassinations, is a star contributor to my edited False Flag Trilogy. In this interview, Ole breaks down the events of April 7th, when (we are told) a crazed ISIS-affiliated Uzbek asylum-seeker deliberately mowed down about 20 people, killing five, with a hijacked beer truck, fulfilling an odd prophecy made by Donald Trump on Saturday, February 18th. The odd thing is, Ole says, there is essentially…


DDWN: Will Israel crash a 777 into a building and blame Iran?

False Flag News Secret Service agents fired Huge DHS/FEMA “drill” starts today MH370 Protests As Airline Chief Defends Search  ‘Liars,  tell us the truth!’ Hundreds march on Malaysian embassy in Beijing in massive protest over MH370 disaster Iranian patsies photoshopped onto Flight 370?  Israel says, “Iran did it!” (skyjacked that plane)  Israelis have identical Boeing 777 in hangar  Five Freescale Semiconductors patent holders aboard Flight 370?  Did Jacob Rothschild inherit Freescale patents?  Cheney admits he lied about 9/11 Cass Sunstein: Truth is a disease Ukraine crisis setting up WWIII? Russians storm Ukrainian base  Russian troop movements stir concern in US …


Prof. James Tracy on Sandy Hook, academic freedom!

James Tracy, the Florida professor who isn’t afraid to talk about false-flag terror, is the focus of the biggest academic witch-hunt since I was hounded by a pack of Republican state legislators back in 2006. He will discuss questions about Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, and much more. During the second half of the show Jim Fetzer joins us. Tracy and Fetzer are co-authors of the article Top Ten Reasons Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax. Listen live – 5 to 7 pm Central on Revolution Radio:  Note: The call-in line wasn’t working this week – let’s hope it’s up…