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Ole Dammegard breaks down the Stockholm truck attack false flag

Broadcast here May 22nd, 11 to noon Eastern then archived. For less than a dollar a week you can subscribe…and listen to this show RIGHT NOW!

Ole Dammegard, one of the world’s leading experts on false flag terrorism and political assassinations, is a star contributor to my edited False Flag Trilogy.

In this interview, Ole breaks down the events of April 7th, when (we are told) a crazed ISIS-affiliated Uzbek asylum-seeker deliberately mowed down about 20 people, killing five, with a hijacked beer truck, fulfilling an odd prophecy made by Donald Trump on Saturday, February 18th.

The odd thing is, Ole says, there is essentially no amateur cell phone footage of the event – an obvious impossibility if it happened the way we’ve been told. Naturally terror drills were running right before the attack. What’s more, according to Ole, the false flag perps used some of the same people as in the assassination of Olaf Palme way back in 1986! (Ole’s career in alternative journalism began with his book on the Palme assassination.)

How does the traveling terror troupe get away with these ongoing stage productions? Ole says “watch this video!”

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