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DDWN: Will Israel crash a 777 into a building and blame Iran?

False Flag News

Secret Service agents fired

Huge DHS/FEMA “drill” starts today

MH370 Protests As Airline Chief Defends Search 

‘Liars,  tell us the truth!’ Hundreds march on Malaysian embassy in Beijing in massive protest over MH370 disaster

Iranian patsies photoshopped onto Flight 370? 

Israel says, “Iran did it!” (skyjacked that plane)

 Israelis have identical Boeing 777 in hangar 

Five Freescale Semiconductors patent holders aboard Flight 370? 

Did Jacob Rothschild inherit Freescale patents? 

Cheney admits he lied about 9/11

Cass Sunstein: Truth is a disease

Ukraine crisis setting up WWIII?

Russians storm Ukrainian base 

Russian troop movements stir concern in US  Russian troop movements stir concern in US

Massive anti-Maidan rallies grip eastern Ukraine as residents demand referendum

Russia kicked out of G-8 

Z-big: Worry about Putin wanting more

Russian strategist: US preparing for nuclear war with Russia  

Obama to Putin: Do as I say, not as I do

Gallup poll: US #1 threat to world peace

The shot that ignited a worldwide [war]   

Costs of war

New study: Iraq death toll reaches 500,000

Paul Craig Roberts: US is completely broke

Tyranny & resistance

Jimmy Carter, “I believe my email is monitored”

NSA revelations costing IT companies

Middleton Idaho is now the 5th city to ban the NDAA

Odds and Ends

Egypt’s Mass Death Sentencing of 529 People Stirs Global Outrage 

Israeli teens dressed as KKK and in ‘black face’ for mock lynching at school Purim party

CIA’s Venezuela coup plot foiled    

Duke Energy dumps 61 million gallons of waste

Apollo photos fail parallax test 

2 Thoughts to “DDWN: Will Israel crash a 777 into a building and blame Iran?”

  1. Anonymous


    i'm a friend of jim f's, been on his show a few times, etc, and i notice he cc-ed you in the email to me about climate change.

    do you believe in C02-driven climate change? christ, i hope you're not another one. jim considers himself a critical thinker and all, but he just will not listen…

    i really admire your work, which is why i'm writing. jim keeps sending me new york times garbage about climate change and it drives me nuts. he will not stop. what do do?

    i swear, i feel like an 'intervention' is necessary!


  2. I don't have sufficient grounds for well-founded belief either way. Not sure the scientists do either.

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