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Will Israel kill US empire this week?

My new Press TV piece “Will Israel kill US empire this week?” is going viral, so they piggybacked an article on top of it: “Israel strike on Iran would spell doom for US Empire: Analyst.”

Also check out today’s VT piece, Unfreedom Tower parachute jump for 9/11 truth – amazing video!

2 Thoughts to “Will Israel kill US empire this week?”

  1. Anonymous

    Bravo re the the new piece — and humbling to think that the salvation of the world might hinge on who reads an e-mail quote from me, i.e. putting it out widely enough could cause the plan to be dropped. Another major point re the Dulles 'security camera' video the next time you make them is that it's 30 frames per second whereas actual airport security camera videos, like the ones from the two cameras outside the Pentagon, are only one frame per second. Also, sorry for the (great) pun, but the story of the photoshopped image of the two passengers has legs…
    -Barbara H.

  2. Anonymous

    Dr Barrett, i sent them this comment, they tend not to publish my comments. I don't know why though.

    I don't agree. Israel isn't going to attack Syria or Iran or both, because Obama isn't going to follow up, leaving Israel twisting in the wind. Also, the purpose of increasing Israeli control of America's nuclear missile silos is to make sure that the targeting co ordinates are never set for Israel. Obama and Putin together will be daily speaking to one another to make sure they are not drawn into attacking the other in the event of a Israeli false flag on either one of them or both.

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