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Trump is right: UnFreedom Tower is “disgusting”

Donald Trump is right: The new World Trade Center Tower 1, the UnFreedom Tower, is disgusting. According to the Daily Caller: “Trump trashed 9/11 Freedom Tower concept calling it ‘junk, disgusting’ Trump was criticizing the architecture. But what is REALLY disgusting is building a phony monument to “freedom” on the spot where freedom was blown to smithereens by the high perpetrators of the 9/11 inside job. Here is my 2013 Press TV article laying it out: UnFreedom Tower gives America the middle finger Unfreedom Tower casts a dark shadow over ‘Gulag America’ By Kevin Barrett, originally published May 2013, Press…


Will Israel kill US empire this week?

My new Press TV piece “Will Israel kill US empire this week?” is going viral, so they piggybacked an article on top of it: “Israel strike on Iran would spell doom for US Empire: Analyst.” Also check out today’s VT piece, Unfreedom Tower parachute jump for 9/11 truth – amazing video!