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E. Michael Jones on Super Bowl Degeneracy, #MayorCheat

Archived HERE Live on Revolution.Radio Fridays 8 to 10 pm Eastern First hour: Leading Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars Magazine discusses the Super Bowl as a symptom of America’s exponential onrush of decadence and depravity. Then the conversation turns to the astounding exploits of #MayorCheat, who claimed victory in the calamitous Iowa Caucus WAY too early…unless he knew the system was rigged in his favor. E. Michael Jones, a citizen of South Bend, Indiana, has been a horrified witness to the obviously pre-scripted rise of #MayorCheat, the favorite candidate of America’s corrupt Zionist oligarchy.


Trump Banned from Twitter after Homophobic Attack on Pete Buttigieg

Dissociated Press After repeatedly tweeting inflammatory attacks on blacks, Muslims, hispanics, women, Democrats, Trump-haters, and other minority groups, President Trump has finally been banned from Twitter—for homophobia. His offense: Yesterday’s tweet featuring a homophobic limerick attacking Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg. The closure of Trump’s account marks the first time that a head of state has ever been banned from a major social media platform. Twitter spokestwit Tuinda Twatt tweeted: “After years of ponderously sincere reflection, Twitter has finally decided that the President has crossed the line. Attacks on the excretory organs of homosexuals cannot and must not be tolerated.”…


E. Michael Jones: My translator may be thrown in jail

Listen HERE E. Michael Jones, a leading Catholic intellectual and editor of Culture Wars, discusses white nationalism, the perils of screaming “hey “asshole!” at a biker rally, and the likelihood of the Slovakian publisher of Jones’ The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit going to jail. We also discuss Dr. Jones’ review of Pete Buttigieg’s campaign autobiography, which is now available on Amazon Kindle. (Will Buttigieg be our first gay president?!) And we engage in some, er, interfaith dialogue about New Horizon conferences in Iran and how Allah works in mysterious ways. Specifically: Are the censors highlighting the very truths they are trying to hide?…