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E. Michael Jones on Super Bowl Degeneracy, #MayorCheat

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First hour: Leading Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars Magazine discusses the Super Bowl as a symptom of America’s exponential onrush of decadence and depravity. Then the conversation turns to the astounding exploits of #MayorCheat, who claimed victory in the calamitous Iowa Caucus WAY too early…unless he knew the system was rigged in his favor. E. Michael Jones, a citizen of South Bend, Indiana, has been a horrified witness to the obviously pre-scripted rise of #MayorCheat, the favorite candidate of America’s corrupt Zionist oligarchy.

One Thought to “E. Michael Jones on Super Bowl Degeneracy, #MayorCheat”

  1. cat

    That featured child singing during J Lo’s performance was her own daughter. At least she wasn’t porn-glammed up like mommy.

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