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E. Michael Jones: My translator may be thrown in jail

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E. Michael Jones, a leading Catholic intellectual and editor of Culture Wars, discusses white nationalism, the perils of screaming “hey “asshole!” at a biker rally, and the likelihood of the Slovakian publisher of Jones’ The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit going to jail.

We also discuss Dr. Jones’ review of Pete Buttigieg’s campaign autobiography, which is now available on Amazon Kindle. (Will Buttigieg be our first gay president?!)

And we engage in some, er, interfaith dialogue about New Horizon conferences in Iran and how Allah works in mysterious ways.

Specifically: Are the censors highlighting the very truths they are trying to hide? Is it all part of God’s plan?

Another burning question: If a Catholic and a Muslim walked into a bar, the Catholic picked up a ukulele, and the Muslim said “what in jahannam am I doing in a bar with a Catholic with a ukulele,” it would probably be Mike and me. But the truth of the matter is that the only time I witnessed Mike’s ukulele playing was not in the dive bar in Indiana where he usually plays, but in a courtyard in Tehran.


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