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USA insulting world’s intelligence

Uncle Sam wants YOU to believe his BS “They must really think we’re stupid.” That is what people all over the world are saying about the American government and media’s portrayal of world events. Several weeks ago, an interviewer said to Russian President Putin: “NATO claims the missile shield was not built against you but against Iran.” Putin broke out laughing… Full article:


DDWN: Fetzer goes to Sandy Hook!

False flag news 1) Newtown School Board greets Sandy Hook skeptics with silence 2) FBI Sandy Hook Report redactions3) Comment on Newtown School Board web site 4) NSA has classified all data on Flight 370 5) Round up the usual suspects! Eleven terrorists with links to Al Qaeda arrested for MH370     6) Boko Haram threatens to sell 200 kidnapped girls Ukraine crisis 7) Odessa in mourning after arson kills 31 people 8) Ukraine sends elite force to Odessa 9) Putin calls for end to Kiev’s military operation, postponing referendum in E. Ukraine…


Coming soon: RT appearance, Sandy Hook investigation, Richard Cottrell interview?

Coming soon: On Thursday I’ll be discussing the Odessa Massacre on Russia Today’s “Cross Talk” show at 10 a.m. Eastern. Then on Friday, Dave McGowan will discuss rock n’ roll meets mind control on my radio show, and Jim Fetzer will phone in with a report from an on-site investigation in Sandy Hook. One of these days I hope to interview Richard Cottrell, author of the magisterial Gladio: NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe. From his email today: “I look at the US (where I lived for some years) and I see a tyranny which has taken over without…