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Coming soon: RT appearance, Sandy Hook investigation, Richard Cottrell interview?

Coming soon:

On Thursday I’ll be discussing the Odessa Massacre on Russia Today’s “Cross Talk” show at 10 a.m. Eastern.

Then on Friday, Dave McGowan will discuss rock n’ roll meets mind control on my radio show, and Jim Fetzer will phone in with a report from an on-site investigation in Sandy Hook.

One of these days I hope to interview Richard Cottrell, author of the magisterial Gladio: NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe. From his email today:

“I look at the US (where I lived for some years) and I see a tyranny which has taken over without the average American giving a damn about it. Democracy in the US is screwed. People are tied down and tortured to death in public these days. Yet Americans will queue up to vote for the same rotters who are responsible for that and spying on their every move even as far as the toilet. We are going the same way in Europe. The plane that ‘disappeared’ is a classic example, the dumb media and lazy over-paid pseudo journalists repeating any twaddle from the mouths of puppets who mutter what they are told to say.

“The plane didn’t disappear. It was disappeared.. Literally. Isn’t that obvious? NSA can find where you drove your car yesterday, they are reading this now, but they don’t know  where the plane and its passengers went. Of course they do. Why has no-one made that point?. TOTAL surveillance means what it says, or it doesn’t exist. It can’t be both.

“It’s the same in the Ukraine. This is a hall of mirrors where nothing that you see is true.”

If we ever straighten this stuff out, I think I’ll try my hand at writing children’s books. Here’s one that didn’t quite pan out.

Waking Dream

I dreamed I lay awake last night
I dreamed I could not sleep
I dreamed that I had counted
An infinity of sheep

I dreamed I counted all the stars
Somehow forgot the sun
So I counted all its photons
An infinity of one

I counted a blizzard’s snowflakes
And some pomegranate seeds
I counted worms beneath the earth
And heroes’ epic deeds

I counted politicians’ lies
And saints’ self-abnegations
I counted US-sponsored coups
And false flag operations

And dreamed that as I lay awake
I finally fell asleep
And dreamed I dove a dolphin’s dive
Into the oceans deep

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  1. Anonymous

    all the links are dead, so we need to snakedance…
    (truthjihad,com links).
    Thx Kevin for your energy and drive to expose this shit.

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