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DDWN: Fetzer goes to Sandy Hook!

False flag news

1) Newtown School Board greets Sandy Hook skeptics with silence

2) FBI Sandy Hook Report redactions

3) Comment on Newtown School Board web site

4) NSA has classified all data on Flight 370

5) Round up the usual suspects! Eleven terrorists with links to Al Qaeda arrested for MH370    

6) Boko Haram threatens to sell 200 kidnapped girls

Ukraine crisis

7) Odessa in mourning after arson kills 31 people

8) Ukraine sends elite force to Odessa

9) Putin calls for end to Kiev’s military operation, postponing referendum in E. Ukraine

10) NATO’s #2 says Russia now enemy

11) Who’s the propagandist? US or RT?

12) Biased reporting on the Ukraine


13) Government forces set to control Homs, cradle of Syrian uprising

14) Crucifixions in Syria

15) Israel wants Syria divided into three nations

Odds and ends

16) al-Sisi promises genocide

17) Will Turkey dump NATO, become independent Islamic Republic like Iran?

18) Russia has criminalized “Holocaust Denial”

19) David Cole releases Michael Shermer calls – phony “skeptic” admits holocaust revisionists might be right

20) Wall Street’s fall-back candidate: Hillary!

21) Condi withdrawns from Rutgers’ commencement

22) New study confirms global warming dangerous reality

One Thought to “DDWN: Fetzer goes to Sandy Hook!”

  1. Anonymous

    I found this article while trying to make sense of Boko Haram and its connections. Please check the link. This was published in "The Australian" 17th April. I find it interesting. What is going on? Do you think there is any credence in the reporting that this group is linked to the CIA for the covert use to destabilise Nigeria? It would seem totally probable. There hasn't been much in independent media exploring what might be the real story on this kidnapping and it being the excuse needed for further US military intervention in this country.

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