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Neocon psychos blow up Ukraine

  More than two months ago, I started my list of Top Ten Reasons Why the US Should Keep Intervening in Ukraine with: 10. We lost Crimea, so why not lose the whole country?Apparently Victoria Nuland & friends read VT and lack a sense of irony. They took my joke as a serious policy prescription. The “right sector” neo-Nazi massacres, the crowds chased into buildings and burned alive, the IMF austerity starvation regime, the Operation Gladio provocations, the threats to incinerate all Russian speakers with nuclear weapons…all of this is blowing up Ukraine, turning it into a failed state, and convincing…


Coming soon: RT appearance, Sandy Hook investigation, Richard Cottrell interview?

Coming soon: On Thursday I’ll be discussing the Odessa Massacre on Russia Today’s “Cross Talk” show at 10 a.m. Eastern. Then on Friday, Dave McGowan will discuss rock n’ roll meets mind control on my radio show, and Jim Fetzer will phone in with a report from an on-site investigation in Sandy Hook. One of these days I hope to interview Richard Cottrell, author of the magisterial Gladio: NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe. From his email today: “I look at the US (where I lived for some years) and I see a tyranny which has taken over without…