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Iran’s enriched uranium an economic—not military—threat?

Why all the hysteria over Iran’s nuclear program, when Iran has shown little interest in researching nuclear weapons, no interest in building them, and is under legally-enforced fatwas from the founder and the current Supreme Leader to never possess WMD? Is the real problem that the makers of fuel for nuclear power plants fear Iranian competition?


Seth Farber says “we need Messiahs,” Ethan Indigo Smith blasts Gwynne Dyer’s nuclear madness

Fri.  1/4//13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) Seth Farber says we need shamanic healers and messiahs – so stop poisoning “crazy” people! First hour: Seth Farber, Ph.D. is a dissident psychologist and social critic. His book The Spiritual Gift of Madness blasts the psychiatric-industrial complex for pumping disturbed people full of toxic, useless pharmaceuticals, instead of helping them figure out why they’re disturbed and how to deal with it. Dr. Farber points out that there are lots of good reasons for being disturbed, given what is happening in the world today. He argues that one of the healthiest…