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Iran’s enriched uranium an economic—not military—threat?

Why all the hysteria over Iran’s nuclear program, when Iran has shown little interest in researching nuclear weapons, no interest in building them, and is under legally-enforced fatwas from the founder and the current Supreme Leader to never possess WMD? Is the real problem that the makers of fuel for nuclear power plants fear Iranian competition?


Iran deal fallout: Top ten ways Netanyahu will try to sabotage peace

Veterans Today In the wake of the historic P5+1 deal recognizing Iran’s right to enrich uranium, Netanyahu is howling that it was a “historic mistake” – and threatening that Israel will not be bound by the agreement.  The whole world, except for Netanyahu and his assets in the US Congress, is cheering for peace. How will Netanyahu try to sabotage the deal and get his long-desired war with Iran? Here is Netanyahu’s list of  his top ten ways to sabotage peace, leaked to Veterans Today by a reliable source. 10. Marshal a rejectionist front consisting of Netanyahu and leading Warner…