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Jimmy Walter: I tried to reopen 9/11—and got run out of the country

Listen HERE. Note: This is the audio track from a youtube which will be posted at my Patreon page. Philanthropist Jimmy Walter was horrified when the Cheney-Bush regime attacked Iraq. He ran ads in major newspapers against the war. Then he looked into 9/11—and grew even more horrified. In an impressive act of courage and good citizenship, Jimmy spent large sums of money on his ReOpen 9/11 campaign, which featured full-page ads in the NY Times and Washington Post and spearheaded the distribution of over a million “Confronting the Evidence” DVDs. The bad guys pushed back with vilification, vandalism, and…


Snowden’s secret

Fifty years before NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden captured the world’s attention, the phrase “Snowden’s secret” was already becoming a talisman of American literature and popular culture.  Coincidence or conspiracy?Read the full article:* * * Zionist war in ME not in US interest: Analyst  The Zionists want a big Mideast war so they can finish the genocidal destruction of Palestine. Watch the interview at Press TV.


Who’s Afraid of Gordon Duff; Bibi angling for fallback career on Broadway

Here are links to my latest two articles. If you like this stuff, please become a member at! Gordon Duff flays Bibi “Wile E. Coyote” Netanyahu on Press TV Who’s afraid of Gordon Duff?   Who’s afraid of Gordon Duff? Not me. But maybe I should be. Like Otto, Kevin Cline’s G. Gordon Liddy-based character in A Fish Called Wanda, Gordon has a high opinion of his own fighting skills, an even higher opinion of his own intelligence, and is the kind of guy you’d suspect of having killed people for the CIA. full story: Bibi angling for…