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Jimmy Walter on Self-Exile from Imploding USA (and More)

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Philanthropist Jimmy Walter fled the USA in January, 2005 after a series of threats and vandalism attacks related to his 9/11 truth activism—which included funding full-page ads in the New York Times and Washington Post, distributing more than 300,000 copies of his Confronting the Evidence DVD, and sponsoring several conferences and speaking events. Jimmy recently emailed me to recommend Matt Taibbi’s article “Campaign 2024, Officially Chaos“—which, like Ron Unz’s “Donald Trump, Eugene Debs, and AMLO: The American Political System as Laughingstock or Trainwreck,” takes a dim view of the current state of American politics in general, and the 2024 elections in particular.

Jimmy writes: “They cannot convict Biden of anything since the statute of limitations has lapsed. (They could change it, like they did to enable Jean Carroll v Trump! -KB) The DOJ will very probably not indict him at all. The House might impeach him, but the Senate won’t convict. Moreover, legally, you can only be impeached for crimes in office and all of this is before. Judge Napolitano went over all of this and added that the testimony presented probably only showed intent to deceive, that there was only the inference of influence that got the Ukrainians to pay his son. Lying about not knowing, etc, not under oath, is not a crime. The swing voters will have to evaluate since the diehards on both sides care not for the facts or logic.”

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