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Two Interviews and a Sermon

Listen HERE First 25 minutes: My May 23 interview on Press TV. Does the new 12-part agreement between Iran and Oman signal a regional shift, as former Western clients and puppets assert their independence as sovereign nations? As the world grows multipolar, will the West Asian region expel US imperialists and Zionist colonizers? Next 6 minutes: On Friday May 20 I discussed the baby formula crisis on Radio Islam International shortly before giving a khutbah on the topic. Final 28 minutes: My April 27 khutbah “The Cure for Mass Formation Psychosis.”


FFWN: List of MSM Lies Is as Long as Pinocchio’s Nose

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above.  We are NOT broadcasting on my YouTube channel  this week due to censorship. PSAs 1) Save FFWN from Having to Beg for Money from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation! 2) Repeal Section 230 – It’s a No Brainer 3) Senator Rand Paul QUITS YouTube, Moves Permanently To Rumble (FFWN’s Also Moving and You Should Too) 3.5) Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan Announces Defeat the Mandates – March on Washington: Jan. 23 “Insurrection” Anniversary 4) Meet the Capitol Insurrection Hoax—Just Like Charlottesville, It’s Another MSM…