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Ian Henshall: Will this be the year 9/11 “re-opens?”

Listen HERE Guest: Ian Henshall, author of 9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence, wonders whether the factional war between the pro- and anti-Trump forces could lead to the reopening of 9/11…perhaps when Trump uses it as a “nuclear option” against those trying to bring him down. (Brennan and Mueller are both leading suspects in the 9/11 coverup.) Below is Ian’s latest newsletter. — 30 August 2018 to Reinvestigate 9/11 contacts list, to be removed simply hit reply and type remove. BBC LEAFLETING SEPTEMBER 11 9/11 TRUTH: MORE PROGRESS 9/11 TRUTH AT GREEN GATHERING 9/11 ACADEMIC NETWORK ACTIVE ——————————– BBC LEAFLETING SEPTEMBER…


Jimmy Walter: I tried to reopen 9/11—and got run out of the country

Listen HERE. Note: This is the audio track from a youtube which will be posted at my Patreon page. Philanthropist Jimmy Walter was horrified when the Cheney-Bush regime attacked Iraq. He ran ads in major newspapers against the war. Then he looked into 9/11—and grew even more horrified. In an impressive act of courage and good citizenship, Jimmy spent large sums of money on his ReOpen 9/11 campaign, which featured full-page ads in the NY Times and Washington Post and spearheaded the distribution of over a million “Confronting the Evidence” DVDs. The bad guys pushed back with vilification, vandalism, and…