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Chavez killed for supporting 9/11 truth?

“Hasta la 9/11 truth victoria siempre!” Greg Palast says Hugo Chavez was killed by big oil interests who resented his taking a bigger cut of their profits and sharing it with the people. But another factor may also have been involved: Chavez is one of five current or former heads of state who have spoken out for 9/11 truth. And three of them have suddenly and mysteriously taken ill – or died. Fidel Castro said the official story of 9/11 was a lie…and then got very sick. Former President of Italy Francesco Cossiga told Italy’s most respected newspaper that 9/11…


Chavez: Another CIA assassination victim

“We know that the bankers who own the US government routinely try to kill any Latin American leader who refuses to be their puppet. We know that they have mounted thousands of assassination attempts against Latin American leaders, including more than 600 against Castro alone. We know that they have been experimenting with cancer viruses, and killing people with cancer, since the 1960s.So if you think Hugo Chavez died a natural death, I am afraid that you are terminally naïve.” Read the full article:


9/11 truth OWNS Bobfest!

September 11th, 2010Baraboo, WI The top of the hierarchy that puts on Fighting Bob Fest — Wisconsin’s premiere left-progressive annual festival — includes a few 9/11 gatekeepers. But on Saturday, September 11th, 2010, the gate was busted down and the sheep stormed boldly out of the pen, as Wisconsin’s dedicated 9/11 activists managed to get their message out to the thousands of festival-goers…and discovered a sympathetic, responsive, and 9/11-truth-savvy audience. A big 9/11 truth booth (complete with looping videos and mega-banners) was mobbed the whole day, thousands of 9/11 truth DVDs and AE911Truth brochures were given away, dozens of books…