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9/11 truth OWNS Bobfest!

September 11th, 2010
Baraboo, WI

The top of the hierarchy that puts on Fighting Bob Fest — Wisconsin’s premiere left-progressive annual festival — includes a few 9/11 gatekeepers. But on Saturday, September 11th, 2010, the gate was busted down and the sheep stormed boldly out of the pen, as Wisconsin’s dedicated 9/11 activists managed to get their message out to the thousands of festival-goers…and discovered a sympathetic, responsive, and 9/11-truth-savvy audience.

A big 9/11 truth booth (complete with looping videos and mega-banners) was mobbed the whole day, thousands of 9/11 truth DVDs and AE911Truth brochures were given away, dozens of books were sold (I sold more than twenty of my own), gigantic truther banners were paraded around the festival grounds, and several teams of people wandered around and worked the crowd, talking to people and handing out DVDs and brochures. By the end of the day, the average BobFest participant was exposed to dozens of 9/11 truth messages. So despite the mixed attitudes of BobFest’s organizers, who refused to invite any truther speakers, 9/11 truth became the most prominently visible issue at BobFest!

Truthers confronted/interviewed various celebrities including Jesse Jackson, Thom Hartmann (listen to his show right after mine every Tuesday on NoLiesRadio), and Greg Palast. I will be linking the videos here as soon as they are available.

Immediately after BobFest, an overflow crowd packed PeaceFest across the street to hear an uncensored speaking lineup, including yours truly (video forthcoming).

Congratulations to all the hardworking Wisconsin 9/11 activists who made this September 11th a day Fighting Bobfest will remember! Special kudos to the Wisconsin Coalition for 9/11 Truth, headed by Matt Naus and friends, who organized the booth and banners; to the Wisconsin and Oshkosh We Are Change activists who worked the crowd; to Bob “Dr. Peace” Reuschlein who organized PeaceFest; to Josh Harvey of Snowshoe Films who filmed PeaceFest.

This was my first year at Fighting Bob Fest, which typically conflicts with 9/11 anniversary events in NYC. I was pleasantly amazed at the overwhelmingly positive response to 9/11 truth from Wisconsin’s progressive community, and had such a good time that I’ll try to find a way to catch it again next year insha’allah (AND participate in the 10th anniversary events in New York). I’ve met wonderful 9/11 activists from all over the world, stayed in their homes, gotten to know them, and learned that 9/11 truth people are generally the best people in the world. But after witnessing the truther takeover of BobFest, I’m thinking that the best of the best are right here in Wisconsin.

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  1. While BobFest was getting overrun with 9/11 truth, Lou Stolzenberg (who helped put together Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth) held down the fort at the Farmers Market in Madison, where every week more than 5,000 people see her Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth banner and many stop to pick up brochures, DVDs and coffee.

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome!! I was wondering why I didn't see your name on the speaker list here. I was sick. Couldn't even watch because I have a Mac and Windows media Player doesn't work. This is Natasha. I just didn't feel like accessing one of those accounts.

  3. Anonymous

    Jerry Mazza reporting on New York City 9/11 activities:

    This is a "slice of life" of Saturday, 9/11/2010, with its Islamic lerning center riot, an appearance from Right-to-Lifers, a small army of police, not to mention our own WeAreChange, there to respectfully protest the government's conspiracy theory with an organized plan for a reinvestigtation of 9/11. Please read and distribute to family members and friends. Editors, feel free to republish. P.S., make note of my new email address. Verizon, it seems, insisted on blocking my emails, though it can still be used for notes and such.
    In solidarity,

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