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Daniel Ellsberg, Isa Hodge on TJ Radio today!

Wed.  10/24/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) Daniel Ellsberg “busted” the Vietnam perps by leaking the Pentagon Papers First hour guest: The wold’s most famous whistleblower, Daniel Ellsberg!  I interviewed him a few years ago… (He’s a 9/11 truth-seeker from way back…) His latest article, Defeat Romney without illusions about Obama, is getting wide circulation. 2nd hour, I’ll be talking about Islam with Isa Hodge, who has been doing dawa (Muslim outreach to non-Muslims) for two decades.


Tuesday 10/5 KB Show Guest: Sheikh Yusuf Estes

From Yusuf Estes is very loved by young and old alike. Children and adults of all faiths delight to hear him entertain while presenting the pure message of Islam. They call him the “Funny Sheik”. He was raised in a strong Christian home, educated in Texas and became successful owning music stores, TV shows and used his talents for piano and organ as a music minister while preaching the Bible. He served as Delegate to United Nations Peace Summit for Religious Leaders and U.S. Federal chaplain from 1994 until 2000. His story “Priests & Preachers Enter Islam” is truly…