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Barbara Honegger on nuclear madness, 2nd Trump-Russia dossier, 9/11 Grand Jury Petition

Listen HERE. Former presidential policy advisor Barbara Honegger joins us to discuss the likelihood of nuclear war. (US command and control systems are still crazy – for detail see Daniel Ellsberg’s new book The Doomsday Machine.) She also breaks the news of the existence of a 2nd Trump-Russia dossier, compiled for Steve Bannon during the primaries when Bannon was working for Ted Cruz, focusing on Trump’s ties to the Russian mob. Barbara has made sure that Robert Mueller knows about it! Towards the end of the show, she breaks the news that the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry will be…


Daniel Ellsberg, Isa Hodge on TJ Radio today!

Wed.  10/24/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) Daniel Ellsberg “busted” the Vietnam perps by leaking the Pentagon Papers First hour guest: The wold’s most famous whistleblower, Daniel Ellsberg!  I interviewed him a few years ago… (He’s a 9/11 truth-seeker from way back…) His latest article, Defeat Romney without illusions about Obama, is getting wide circulation. 2nd hour, I’ll be talking about Islam with Isa Hodge, who has been doing dawa (Muslim outreach to non-Muslims) for two decades.