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Tuesday 10/5 KB Show Guest: Sheikh Yusuf Estes


Yusuf Estes is very loved by young and old alike. Children and adults of all faiths delight to hear him entertain while presenting the pure message of Islam. They call him the “Funny Sheik”.

He was raised in a strong Christian home, educated in Texas and became successful owning music stores, TV shows and used his talents for piano and organ as a music minister while preaching the Bible. He served as Delegate to United Nations Peace Summit for Religious Leaders and U.S. Federal chaplain from 1994 until 2000.

His story “Priests & Preachers Enter Islam” is truly amazing. You laugh and cry at the same time.

He has many websites in simple English for Islam (scroll down to see some of them).

His lectures in universities, institutions, military and public venues are for all faiths, Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Jewish alike. Many preachers, priests and rabbis have complimented his way of presenting a fresh and enlightening picture of the world’s fastest growing religion – Islam.

He works to share Islam and its correct message with our youth, new Muslims and others in simple English terms, and he makes it fun and easy to understand, while referring to Quran and teachings of Islam.

Sheik Yusuf uses the latest in website technology on the Internet and offers hi-tech in DVDs, CDs to encourage us all to share the message of “Peace, Surrender and Obedience to God” (Arabic = ‘Islam’).

Sheik Yusuf helps many new people to Islam using straight talk and humor, while answering many of the harsh attacks against Islam and the Muslims. He makes it fun and easy for all to understand.

His email is:

His book “Bible: A Closer Look” is online at:

His many websites on the Internet include: <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

3 Thoughts to “Tuesday 10/5 KB Show Guest: Sheikh Yusuf Estes”

  1. Anonymous

    You're a hypocrite, Barrett. Out of one side of your mouth you tell us Islam is a religion of peace. Out of the other side you tell us to support Taleban and engage in armed rebellion.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, Brian Good/Cosmos (or whoever is scripting the identical stuff coming from these twin sockpuppets).

    In fact, there can be no peace without justice, because human nature was created such that it cannot live in peace with injustice. That is why the Qur'an tells us that armed struggle is better than oppression. Naturally oppression has to reach a certain level before armed struggle is justified; and those pursuing armed struggle have to do so wisely and according to certain rules prohibiting, among other things, the killing of noncombatants.

    Most Muslim scholars agree that when an aggressor invades and occupies one's homeland, one is obliged to either engage in armed resistance or to support those engaging in armed resistance. This is just a fact of human nature. If the US were ever invaded and occupied, good Americans would resist militarily. The same is true in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine. All decent human beings should support those people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine who are resisting occupation.

  3. By the way, Brian/Cosmos, if you want to fight the brave people defending Afghanistan against foreign occupation, maybe you should pay for it.

    Killing Each Taliban Soldier Costs $50 Million

    Killing 20 Taliban costs $1 Billion / Killing all the Taliban would cost $1.7 Trillion

    By Matthew Nasuti

    October 05, 2010 "Kabul Press" – — The Pentagon will not tell the public what it costs to locate, target and kill a single Taliban soldier because the price-tag is so scandalously high that it makes the Taliban appear to be Super-Soldiers. As set out in this article, the estimated cost to kill each Taliban is as high as $100 million, with a conservative estimate being $50 million. A public discussion should be taking place in the United States regarding whether the Taliban have become too expensive an enemy to defeat.

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