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Iraq crisis ‘made in Israel’

Who is responsible for the disaster in Iraq? Some blame the US for its calamitous invasion and occupation. Others fault Iraqis, pointing to sectarianism, corruption and incompetence. But on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inadvertently revealed the truth: The tragedy in Iraq (like similar tragedies in Syria, Libya, Sudan and elsewhere) was made in Israel. All of these countries have been destabilized as part of Israel’s Oded Yinon plan to balkanize the Middle East. Full article:


Iraq chaos highlights US idiocy…or worse

“Why would the US let its ally (some would say puppet) Saudi Arabia back ISIL, a terrorist group so extreme that it horrifies even al-Qaeda? Why has the US tacitly allowed the Saudis to wreak havoc in Syria and Iraq by arming terrorists whose viciousness makes Osama bin Laden look small by comparison? And why is the US standing by as the Saddam loyalists and ultra-terrorists overrun Iraq, threatening to destroy it as a coherent, unified state?” Full article: cy/